New construction in Overhoeks

Shell also remains here with one of the most important research centers in the world: the Shell Technology Center, which employs about 1200 people. In fact, the various activities that were spread over a very large area in all sorts of separate buildings are here under one roof. As a result, a large part of the site has become available and is being made available for the new functions. The Overhoeks tower and the Groot Laboratorium remain unchanged, although they are given a different purpose.

Living in Overhoeks

The vacant terrain has been named Overhoeks and is being redesigned in close collaboration between the municipality and a number of partners.

A whole new neighborhood with a real city character. A place where you work, live and re-create. The area has large high-rise buildings, busy streets and pleasant squares, but also quiet residential areas and quiet green inner areas. Overhoeks ultimately come between 2200 and 3200 homes, both rental and owner-occupied homes, and a maximum of 130,000 m2 of offices, businesses and facilities. Overhoeks will be a compact urban district, a vehicle for future residents, people living in the neighborhood and other residents of Amsterdam.

Connecting link between old and new North

The Van der Pekstraat, next to Overhoeks, is the connecting link between the neighborhoods of Mosveld and Overhoeks. City district Amsterdam Noord and Multi Vastgoed have reached agreement on the plan for a new neighborhood shopping center on the Mosveld. The plan contains 7,000 m2 of shops and catering establishments, 60 homes and the corresponding approximately 150 parking spaces.

Recent developments

In 2015, Amvest took over the position of ING in the Campus (phase 3). Amvest is working with Ymere on the realization of 1,500 to 2,000 homes. Since 2011, the municipality has taken the lead in the development of the Strip and the Scheg (phase 2). The Strip is currently partly finished with the functions in the GrootLab, partly in progress with the first new residential tower, and for some parts still developing parties have to be found. The future Schegpark is now in the design phase.

The latest news from New construction in Overhoeks

Spacious and exclusive living on the IJ in Amsterdam. Discover the possibilities in Overhoeks and in the Houthaven

Spacious and exclusive living on the IJ in Amsterdam. Discover the possibilities in Overhoeks and in the Houthaven

August 26th 2019

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