New construction on IJburg

New construction on IJburg

IJburg on the east side of Amsterdam consists of six islands on which around 18,000 homes are built for about 45,000 inhabitants. The construction of the islands is done in two phases. The first phase consists of Steigereiland and Haveneiland. The second phase started with Centrumeiland.

IJburg Center Island

At the end of 2013, the municipality of Amsterdam started the construction of Centrumeiland, the fourth island of IJburg. The construction of this island anticipates the expected growth in the number of inhabitants of Amsterdam.

The Center Island is located on the north side of IJburg, on a spot where the water of the IJmeer is still flowing. The island will soon be adjacent to the existing Haveneiland East.

Create Landing

The so-called pancake method was used for land-making. The sand was sprayed layer by layer until it protruded about 2 meters above the water surface. Approximately 800,000 cubic meters of sand was required for the construction of Centrumeiland, which is equivalent to the content of 800 competition pools. This sand came in part from projects on IJburg.

Build first homes in 2017

Due to the crisis, the planning process has been shut down for a number of years, but has now been resumed at full speed from the Housing Development Action Plan. The first homes can be built in 2017.

IJburg Harbor Island

The Haveneiland is the largest island of the first IJburg phase. The island consists of an eastern and a western part.

Most of the lots on Haveneiland have been built on. Development is still possible in a number of ways. These are made orange in the card.


The Havenkwartier forms the heart of Haveneiland and accommodates businesses, offices, water sports, catering and retail. It is a lively area.


Rieteiland Oost, the Grote Rieteiland and the Kleine Rieteiland together form the Rieteilanden. The islands lie in the lee between the Diemerpark and the Haveneiland. On the Rieteilanden the emphasis is on living.

IJburg Steigereiland

Those who come to IJburg via the Enneüs Heerma Bridge will first see the Steigereiland. Steigereiland is divided into three neighborhoods: the North, South and Water neighborhood.

Most of the lots on Steigereiland are already built on. Development is still possible in a small number. These are made orange on the card.


The Noordbuurt is located directly on the IJmeer, behind the dike. This is a compact neighborhood with narrow streets, courts and dike dwellings.


The Zuidbuurt is located south of the IJburglaan. The individual character is well expressed in this well-informed neighborhood.

Water district

In the largest inland waterway in IJburg, the Water Districts are east and west. Here are water houses, dike and pile dwellings. In the coming years, 72 free water lots for self-build will be issued.

Housing supply in