Homerus quarter: self-build on a revolutionary scale

Self-construction on a scale that is revolutionary and unique. You can find it in the Homerus quarter in Almere Poort. The Homeruskwartier is the largest residential area in the Netherlands developed and built by its own residents.

The largest self-building district in the Netherlands

The district will eventually have 3,400 homes, of which more than 1,000 in (collective) private commissioning. The Homerus quarter is therefore rightly called the largest self-built neighborhood in the Netherlands. Here you can see in practice how people make the city. The Homeruskwartier consists of the parts Center, West and East.

All forms of housing

All forms of housing are discussed in the Homeruskwartier. Canal houses, residential villas, bungalows, garden houses and residential towers. Switched or detached. Small or big. According to your own design or together with others. Variety and diversity determine the special character of the neighborhood. Living combined with work is possible in many places. And there are also lots for a house with a home-bound profession. More information about the Homerus quarter

Housing supply in

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