City gardens: the urban landscape is central

With Stadstuinen Poort , Almere completes the Almere Poort district. This city district consists of four residential areas. Urban gardens in Almere is the first area that is developed according to the principles of ‘Growing Green Cities’. That means that the urban landscape is central. From there, we work towards a healthy, productive, biodiverse and ‘edible’ city.

Motivate everyone to live more consciously

Residents, entrepreneurs and market parties are motivated to live, undertake and build more consciously. For example, in the development of the district, the municipality applies four quality requirements (sustainability building blocks): Feeding, Greening, Healthying and Energizing. Every initiative must at least excel in one of these building blocks. This creates the basis for a healthy neighborhood for about 10,000 residents, for pupils and students, for athletes and for employees and employers. The Topsport Center, the swimming pool, the schools and the companies that are already in the area become part of an attractive living and working environment.

The good example: edible green, exercise and sports track

The municipality gives the good example, with the planting of trees and edible greenery, the construction of water that can be passed on and the realization of a physical and sports track. This creates the basis for a healthy living and working environment with forest, beach, dunes and sports facilities around the corner. And that only a twenty minute drive or trains from Amsterdam.

City gardens: 3,500 homes

The district is located on the west side of Almere, between the A6 and the already built and inhabited part of Almere Poort. It will be a healthy, future-proof city district with room for 3,500 homes and sufficient business locations for businesses. More information about City Gardens

Housing supply in

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