Oosterwold: design area according to own initiative

Oosterwold is a green, agricultural area between Almere and Zeewolde. Here, the area layout is entirely left to its own initiative. This means that everyone can choose a lot in every location. In addition to a clear number of rules, there are no restrictions regarding functions and lot sizes. That is unique in the Netherlands.

Oosterwold: decide for yourself how your home and your living environment will be

Oosterwolders not only determine how their own home becomes. They also deal with roads and paths, greenery, water and public space. In addition, they all have to realize that, alone or with others. You will thus find the ultimate form of do-it-yourself area development. Initiators in Oosterwold search everything themselves and then arrange everything that is needed. No-one knows what Oosterwold looks like in the future. That is determined by the own initiative. Maybe your initiative too! Because Oosterwold is for everyone. Join us and be at Oosterwold!

Several parties involved in development Oosterwold

In Oosterwold, the municipalities of Almere and Zeewolde, the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, the province of Flevoland and the Zuiderzeeland Water Board are working together on this special way of area development.

Self-construction for groups and individual self-building plots

At Almere Woont you will find collective initiatives for fellow buyers in the Oosterwold offer. But in Oosterwold you can also build your house individually, individually. The delivery of lots in Oosterwold goes through the Oosterwold project team: www.maakoosterwold.nl . More information about Oosterwold

Housing supply in

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