DUIN: a revolutionary living, working and recreation area

On the coast of Almere Poort, the new development district DUIN is being created . This revolutionary residential, work and recreation area on the IJmeer is a development of the municipality of Almere and AMVEST. In addition to housing, DUIN has a lively center with a boulevard. DUIN consists of real dunes up to ten meters high, interspersed with woods, creeks and a dune valley.

Living in the dunes and on the IJmeer

DUIN will soon have about 3,000 homes. You can cycle, walk and enjoy the fresh air and the view. In the center of the coastal strip come apartments with a lovely balcony or terrace with a view that never bores. In the forest and in the dunes you will find houses with a garden or terrace, directly adjacent to the landscape.

Living and enjoying in a holiday atmosphere

There is always something to do in DUIN. In the center area you will soon find a mix of shops, good restaurants and terraces. You walk from there to the marina, with special ships and maritime shops. This marina, which lies directly on open sailing water, is a popular base for sailors. The beach is perfect for a nice breeze, an event to visit or to enjoy the sun. As a guest, you can also swim, rent a canoe or eat an ice cream. And in the beach club you can meet friends and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. More information about DUIN

Housing supply in

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