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Amsterdam Woont is a non-profit partnership of providers of new construction, renovation construction and self-build plots in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. You can bring your new-build, renovation and self-build offer in Amsterdam and the region to the attention of consumers via our website, e-mail newsletter and socials. We also organize the Amsterdam New Construction Day for that purpose, on which you can receive visitors on location. In addition to being a consumer platform, we are a business network. Several times a year we organize B2B meetings at interesting new-build locations, with speakers and of course a nice drink. You can also count on interesting market information, which we only provide to our partners. An event that is more or less in between our B2C and B2B activities is the Amsterdam New Construction Day, the annual public award for new construction in Amsterdam. We organize that event in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, broadcaster AT5 and Bouwend Nederland.

Become a participant?

This can be done in two ways. You can use our platform as a marketing tool, but also as a home finder. And if you want to make maximum use of the power of Amsterdam Woont, you can do both. We explain below what you get for this and what your investment is.

Amsterdam Woont as a marketing tool

Every two weeks we send an e-mail newsletter to (now) about 48,000 recipients. Depending on the category in which you participate, you can submit (unlimited) articles to our editor. These messages are published on our news page, included in the newsletter and shared on our Facebook page (approximately 23,000 fans).

We use the following rates per category:

  • Participant category 1, € 5,000 per year
    Corporations and large developers/holdings (from 150 homes per year)
  • Participant category 2, € 3,000 per year
    Other home providers/developers (< 150 homes)
  • Participant category 3, € 1,000 per year
    Supporting participants without their own offer
  • Participant category 4, € contribution in consultation
  • Participant category 5, € contribution in consultation
  • Participant category 6, € 2,000 (up to 10 homes)
    CPO group/small developers
  • Participant category 7, € 2,500 (up to 15 homes)
    Broker extensive marketing

Interested or questions? Pleasecontact us!
Participation form Amsterdam Woont as a marketing tool

Amsterdam Woont as a home seeker

We also have our home finder, in which you can publish your projects. We use three stages for publication. Future offer, Pre-sale and Offer for sale/rental. In addition to this publication tool itself, the consumer profiles that we can create with it are also interesting. If you publish an offer in the search engine that matches the housing requirements of registered consumers, they will immediately receive that offer via a match email . In this way you literally put your project on the doormat of the consumer, fresh off the press! If our biweekly e-mail newsletter is of a generic nature, the match mail (the name says it all) is therefore tailor-made: very targeted and specific.
The housing supply on is presented from a database managed by Fundament All Media.

We use the following rates per published property:

  • €50 for land-bound owner-occupied homes and vacant lots.
  • € 40 for other homes (all rental homes and other owner-occupied homes: apartments and penthouses + parking spaces).

You pay once per published property. For this, the house may remain in the system until it has been sold/rented. Projects in preparation and pre-sale are free, provided that the houses are eventually published in the sale/rental section.

Interested or questions? Pleasecontact us!
Participation form Amsterdam Woont as a home seeker

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