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The Poets – Komrij, Slauerhoff

The Poets – Komrij, Slauerhoff

The Poets – Komrij, Slauerhoff

Client: Own Fireplace
Architect: Men 5 Architects
District: West
Contractor: Heddes Construction & Development
Address: Berceusestraat 2-40, Meimorgenstraat 31-45, 98-148, Lidewijdepad 100-178, Leeuwendalersweg 222-228, Elfendansstraat 95-111
Number of homes: 106
Photography: Luuk Kramer

Project description
The De Dichters – Komrij, Slauerhoff project is a follow-up to the renovation of the Kolenkitbuurt. The project of housing corporation Eigen Haard consists of two sturdy brick residential blocks. The Komrij building consists of 50 owner-occupied homes and Slauerhoff 56 social rental homes.
With regard to owner-occupied homes, tenants of social rented housing from Eigen Haard or from one of the other housing associations in Amsterdam were given priority. This creates a flow in the housing market. After all, the buyers leave social rental homes behind, after which they can be offered to other people. Homes that have not been sold to those who have moved on after six months have been put up for sale.
The residential program around the courtyards with parking and raised 'gardens' from the ground-bound family homes on the streets to apartments and studios on the heads is optimally positioned to live in this neighborhood in a pleasantly urban but still sheltered area. The 38 owner-occupied apartments in the Komrij building have living areas of 45 to eighty square meters. The family homes are over 110 square meters in size. The construction of De Dichters is the continuation of the renewal of the Kolenkitbuurt.
Existing trees and greenery in the form of masonry flower boxes in the residential streets and hedges on the outside of the blocks provide privacy and a place to sit, stand to talk with your neighbors or watch your child.

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