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South bank

South bank

South bank

Client: Stichting Cordaan
Architect: TANGRAM architecture and urban landscape
District: South
Contractor: Construction company MJ de Nijs en Zonen
Address: Eemlandstraat 2-110
Number of houses: 54
Other program: Parking garage
Photography: Meijeske photography

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Project description
The Zuidoever project is located on the Zuidas and is a new housing, care and welfare formula from Cordaan for elderly people with care needs. Elderly care in Amsterdam is changing. The number of older people is increasing. Within this group there are major differences in life situation, lifestyle and health. Cordaan wants to be there for everyone, regardless of lifestyle or background. In Zuidoevers there are 54 apartments for elderly people who are willing and able to pay for high-quality living comfort and more services.

The concept is aimed at elderly people who need 24-hour care and who want to live pleasantly and comfortably, in a safe environment with lots of privacy. They want to continue to live their lives as they are used to and can count on good care and support. Living and living are paramount at Zuidoever. This is reflected in the design of the building: light, air and water are central. These elements are reflected in the green surroundings, the apartments and the rich range of spaces and facilities that residents have at their disposal, such as a garden and winter garden, kitchen-diner, living rooms, physiotherapy room and a space where films can be shown and concerts given. The building offers the perfect balance between sufficient privacy and the opportunity to meet others.

Everyone lives close to the garden, partly protected from wind and weather by the large greenhouse, so that residents can go outside all year round. There are elderly people with dementia and elderly people with somatic disorders. This places specific demands on the residential care environment. People with dementia benefit from a more private environment, while people with physical limitations like to come into contact with the outside world. Both are possible within Zuidoever: it offers a larger outside world and can be reduced to a safe, homely place. The whole atmosphere invites you to move: it is light, open and 'warm'.