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Clean ship

Clean ship

Clean ship

Client: Schoonschip Foundation
Architect: Space&Matter and others
District: North
Contractor: Willem Beverloo Construction Company, Van Middendorp Construction Company, Hagoort Bouw, Benecke, Balance d'eau, Gesamt Collectief, De Blauwe Wimpel, Dutch Lotus, DIY
Address: Johan van Hasseltkade 201-259
Number of houses: 46
Photography: Isabel Nabuurs

Project description
Schoonschip is the most sustainable floating neighborhood in Europe, developed by the residents themselves. Since the beginning of 2020, 46 households on 30 arks have lived in this ecologically and socially sustainable district. Half of the arks is a two-in-one barge, the floating variant of semi-detached. By jointly formulating ambitions and frameworks and offering residents and architects freedom within this, a very diverse, creative residential area has been created. Schoonschip is located in the Johan van Hasselt Canal in Buiksloterham (Amsterdam North).

Sustainable materials and sustainable installations have been used as much as possible. The water houses are very well insulated (EPC = maximum 0). The houses are connected by a jetty with five connections to the shore, and a long jetty parallel to the shore. This jetty is owned by the residents and has been designed according to the wishes of the residents.

The houses are not connected to the natural gas network. Heat pumps are provided for heating, which extract heat from the water in the canal (aquathermal). The residents generate their own energy through solar panels. Every home has a large battery in which energy can be stored. Electricity can be exchanged with each other with a smart grid, so that 46 households have only one connection to the national energy grid. There is a separate flow for the drainage of gray water (from dishwasher, washing machine) and black water (from toilet).

All homes have a green roof and/or facade, on which, for example, their own food can be produced. Schoonschip is a breeding ground for the latest sustainable techniques and solutions.

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