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Narva Island West

Narva Island West

Narva Island West

Client: VOF VORM BPD Houthaven
Architect: Klunder Architects
District: West
Contractor: VORM Construction
Address: Narva Island 1-161
Number of houses: 80
Other program: parking garage

Project description
Narva Eiland West is a new construction project in the Houthaven on the water, with 80 homes and an underground parking garage. The project is unique in terms of design, innovation and sustainability. Multiple facade designs, in different widths, heights, masonry colors and materials ensure that every home is unique. The facades have a lot of variation in color and details. Different masonry patterns and balconies, white frames, bay windows and staggered window patterns provide a varied picture.

Various types of owner-occupied homes have been realised:

  • Apartments and maisonettes between 86 and 153 m2.
  • Creative two-storey quay houses from 127 to 156 m2
  • Penthouses from 163 to 182 m2.
  • Stylish townhouses over three floors from 153 to 211 m2.

In order to realize the desired number of homes, it was decided to build blocks composed of town houses and apartments. An inconspicuously designed gallery provides access to the apartments and penthouse maisonettes located above the town houses. The town houses have their entrance in the front garden on the car-free street. Uniform fencing with the same fencing and beech hedges ensure that the block still forms a whole.

Each island in the Houthaven has its own theme. For Narva Island this is 'Vrijbuiters', which stands for freedom, happiness and tolerance. Individual houses with a rich picture of different properties that vary in size and width.

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