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Mi Oso

Mi Oso

Mi Oso

Client: ERA Contour
Architect: Geurst & Schulze Architecten
District: Southeast
Contractor: ERA Contour
Address: Krommehoekstraat 2-134, Kortvoort 71-79, Klateringpad 2-10, 7-13, Kortwoudepad 1-11, 10-18, 31-89, Kopkewierpad 1-9
Number of houses: 126
Other program: caretaker's room
Photography: René de Wit

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Project description
Mi Oso is a project along the Karspeldreef and Groesbeekdreef in Southeast with a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The project consists of 42 owner-occupied homes for families and 84 social rental apartments around two collective inner gardens with tropical influences where residents can relax. 'Mi oso' means 'My house' in Surinamese. The project is inspired by the cultural background of the largest population group in Amsterdam Southeast, but intended for anyone who would like to (continue to) live in the neighborhood.

Characteristic of the single-family houses are the white facades, the beautiful green shutters on the windows and the verandas. Just like in Paramaribo, the architecture also has Dutch influences, such as the typology of the houses, the orange tiled roofs and the dark green color accents. All single-family homes consist of three floors and have a living area of approximately 114 m². The romantic veranda at the front makes the house even more special. Whether it's snowing, raining or sunny, the veranda brings the outdoors a lot closer.

The stacked social housing is accessible via a gallery that is also designed as a veranda with seating areas. On the street side, the houses have terraces, large balconies on high columns and an overhanging sloping roof. Here, too, we looked at larger buildings in Paramaribo, such as schools and hospitals, where these elements are characteristic. However, the typology of the gallery flat is again typically Dutch and is in line with the local characteristics of Zuidoost.

The rectangular location where the project was realized was originally only intended for public facilities and consists, in addition to the added houses, of a gym, two school buildings, a community center and a church of the Evangelische Broedergemeente, a religion that also has many followers in Suriname. . The residential blocks bring structure to the area.