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Client: VORM Development, Porten Development
Architect: VAN AKEN Concepts, Architecture & Engineering
District: West
Contractor: Hillen & Roosen
Address: Reval Island 3-111, 4-170
Number of houses: 131
Other program: 3,800 m2 of facilities (including health center, catering), parking garage
Photography: Bas Gijselhart | BASEPHOTOGRAPHY

Project description
The LIFE project is located on Revaleiland in the Houthaven. It is a sustainable apartment building designed for people over sixty who want to continue living as they are used to. The building contains 131 apartments in a mix of owner-occupied, private sector and social rent around a communal courtyard. What is special is that at this (expensive) location in the city, space has also been created for social housing. There are also various care functions in the building.

In LIFE there are 59 free sector rental apartments for committed seniors who care for and care about each other. Who live life together. The 39 social rental homes are located in a cooperative, a residential group for people over 60 who organize various activities together. The residents also manage part of the building themselves. The homes in LIFE have a WoonKeur Zorg Plus package certificate, all care is possible.

In addition, LIFE is a branch of care organization Cordaan with homes where they offer intramural care to vulnerable elderly people, 'Het Spaarnhout'. There are six group homes for PG clients and there is a special meeting place for local residents, 'De Buren', where daytime activities are offered. On the ground floor, in addition to commercial catering, there is a health center with a general practice, physiotherapy, pharmacy and home care.

Area supervisor Sjoerd Soeters has determined what atmosphere the seven new islands in Houthaven should radiate. For this island that is 'Amsterdam School'. You can see the Amsterdam School architecture at LIFE, with 'a foot and a hat', in the robust building blocks, characteristic front doors, alternating facades, ornaments and masonry patterns.

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