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Jerusalem Block G and H

Jerusalem Block G and H

Jerusalem Block G and H

Client: MJ de Nijs Project III
Architect: Men 5 Architects
District: East
Contractor: Construction company MJ de Nijs en Zonen
Address: Hugo de Vrieslaan 13-53, Flammarionstraat 2-20, 23, Pasteurstraat 2-20, De Sitterstraat 1-19, Fibigerstraat 1-19, Berzeliusstraat 23
Number of houses: 80
Other program: 2 commercial spaces
Photography: Luuk Kramer

Project description
The Jerusalem block G and H project consists of 40 owner-occupied homes and 40 private sector rental homes for families. The houses are equipped with solar panels, a private garden or spacious terrace and a well-organized newly furnished courtyard. Park Jerusalem is a place with history, a post-war garden village with a characteristic style of architecture. The new building fits seamlessly into the style of the surrounding homes. You hardly realize that the houses are newly built.

The houses enclose two courtyards, in the same rhythm as the three other courtyards with houses on Hugo de Vrieslaan. These are national monuments because they are characteristic of Amsterdam urban planning just after the Second World War. With their flat roofs and gray-white appearance, the neighborhood was soon popularly known as 'Jerusalem'. The architect of Blok G and H elaborated on the style of these homes. Behind the facade, however, the comparison ends, the modern homes are completely in line with the lifestyle of the target group. The project has been marketed as 'Park Jerusalem'.

Behind the facades are spacious homes that are innovative and that really meet the increasing demand for city homes for the family. Smart cross-sections with basements, co-designed seating areas at the garden and generous staircases with skylights provide light and space to the ground-bound homes. Specials such as a duplex apartment and a luxurious patio-loft with roof terrace can be found at the indented corners that are so defining for Jerusalem.

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