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Go Buiksloterham

Go Buiksloterham

Go Buiksloterham

Client: Cooperative Go Buiksloterham
Architect: Sophie Valla architects
District: North
Contractor: Construction company MJ de Nijs en Zonen
Address: Ridderspoorweg 66-98
Number of houses: 17
Photography: Jeroen Musch

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Project description
Go Buiksloterham is a CPO project in Amsterdam North. CPO stands for collective private commissioning: a construction group of 17 households who have jointly realized this project according to their own housing requirements. The building is completely energy-neutral and circular. The residential block has an EPC = 0 and is not connected to district heating.

For heat, the building has its own TES source with a heat pump. The windows have triple glazing and there are solar panels on the roof and facade. In the facade, the solar panels are in a second skin around the building: glass panels with an open cavity. The panels are screen printed in various gradations from white to transparent. The glass and wood facades are easy to replace and recycle.

The construction group was given an elongated plot. Due to the permitted building height on the plot, it was clear that the west side of the plot would be in the shade for part of the day. A high compact volume has been built to provide the homes with direct sunlight and daylight. On the southeast side, overlooking the city, a large corner has been removed from the building for large L-shaped balconies. The west side of the lot has been left undeveloped for a garden. All apartments also have a spacious balcony on the more shady west, overlooking the garden. The apartments can be flexibly arranged due to the load-bearing beam-column construction of the building. As a result, no load-bearing walls are required.

As a parking facility, there is a car lift that can accommodate 16 cars and another 8 cars can be parked at ground level.