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CPO Amstelbest

CPO Amstelbest

CPO Amstelbest

Client: CPO Vereniging Amstelbest
Architect: WE architects
District: East
Contractor: Van Bekkum construction company
Address: Amstelbeststraat 14-32
Number of houses: 10
Other program: communal roof terrace, parking garage
Photography: Valentina Buonanno

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Project description
CPO Amstelbest consists of a group of private clients who have jointly developed a project in the new Amstelkwartier district. Together they determined the principles of the project: EPC value of 0 (energy neutral), lots of greenery, lots of glass, large balconies and solar panels on the roof). The project consists of the new construction of an apartment building consisting of 6 panorama houses, 3 loft apartments (spread over 2 floors), 1 double-wide house and parking garage. The individual houses are tailored as much as possible to the personal wishes of the clients.

The task from the location lay in the desire to use the view over the Amstel and Weespertrekvaart on the street side, while at the same time orienting the houses towards the sun on the courtyard side. In addition, the depth of the plot poses a challenge with regard to daylighting. The houses on the alley side were given many openings in the long facade. These are the panorama houses with gable openings on three sides. The houses that connect to the building block could not have side windows and were therefore designed as double-height lofts into which daylight can enter deeply through voids.

The diagonal and double-height houses also made it possible to realize the desire for extra deep balconies, without it becoming too dark in the houses. In addition to the deep garden that is shared by three houses and the spacious balconies, CPO Amstelbest has a communal green roof garden.

The Amstelkwartier is located on the Amstel in Amsterdam East. The area has been transformed from a business park into an urban living / working area. The urban development plan provides for spacious building blocks and wide streets with a good view of the Amstel.