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Client Coen Hagedoorn Construction group
Architect Hooyschuur Architects
District East
Project architect (s) Jeroen Hooyschuur
Contractor Coen Hagedoorn Construction group
Project name Wibautstraat
Address Wibautstraat 48-64, Blasiusstraat 68, Eerste Oosterparkstraat 103-105
Number of residences 49
Other program 4 business premises
Photography Bastiaan van 't Veer

Wibautstraat: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2016

On Wibautstraat, between Eerste Oosterparkstraat and Blasiusstraat, there is an original façade wall with a total of 44 homes and business units. After the demolition and new construction plans failed, a renovation plan was developed in 2013 on behalf of Coen Hagedoorn Bouw from Huizen. The aim of this plan was to realize as many compact, well-equipped homes as possible, with a fully-fledged outdoor space. The restoration of this characteristic façade wall was the most important starting point for the public space. With a view to the quality of the homes, it has been decided to largely replace the existing stairwells with new, combined stairwells. On the one hand, space is gained within the floor plan, on the other hand, the possibility is created to widen the stairs. In the facade, the original porches have all been retained. In the rear facade it was decided to demolish the existing extensions, to deepen the floor plan and to add a fully-fledged balcony. The dimensions of the inner area allowed this. The sum of these interventions results in a fully-fledged two or three-room apartment. The houses all have new sanitary facilities and a new kitchen and have an individual central heating and mv.

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