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Quintijn Phase 1

Quintijn Phase 1

Client Van Wijnen Project Development West , Altera Vastgoed , De Alliantie
Architect FARO Architects
District West
Project architect (s) Coen Kampstra, Jurgen van der Ploeg
Contractor Van Wijnen Haarlemmermeer
Project name Quintijn Phase 1
Address Bilderdijkkade 54-58, Dichtershofje 1-47, Tollensstraat 53-59
number of residences 166
Other program Parking garage, 200 m2 commercial space, 1,400 m2 office space
Photography I See For You – Hans Peter Föllmi

Kwintijn Phase 1: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2016

In the De Hallen area, next to the transformed tram depot, an ensemble of three residential buildings has been designed, Kwintijn Phase 1. The total project comprises 168 homes and two commercial spaces on top of a two-storey parking garage with more than three hundred parking spaces. An important part of the homes was purchased by an investor Altera Vastgoed and a corporation, De Alliantie. The three buildings together form a collective courtyard in the parking garage, which is designed as a garden. The design explicitly distinguishes between a robust, sturdy exterior and the inner courtyard, which is much lighter in color. This light color scheme compensates for the lack of sunlight and daylight in some places. The robust exterior refers to the industrial past of the place. This reference is not unambiguous, nor do the buildings deny that they are residential buildings. In essence, each unit in the ensemble is a sturdy building under a double roof with a simple rhythm of windows, a theme that comes directly from the tram depot. Kwintijn Phase 1 is part of the larger De Hallen planning area. That is why we opted for an ensemble of associated buildings with their own color scheme within a coordinated palette. Phase 2, which will be developed below, can easily be linked to this.

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