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Block 0 – IJ4you

Block 0 – IJ4you

Client Building4you Developments
Architect Marcel Lok_Architect
District West
New construction location Houthaven
Project architect (s) Marcel Lok
Contractor Vink Construction
Project name Block 0 – IJ4you
Address Haparandaweg 650-676, Houthavenkade 7-13, Stavangerweg 1500
number of residences 32
Other program Parking garage
Photography Luuk Kramer

Block 0 – IJ4you: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2016

IJ4you occupies lots 8 and 9 of Block 0 and forms the southwestern end of this 'superblock'. The complex consists of two nine-storey building parts with apartments on the Haparandaweg and three four- to five-storey building parts with ground-level quay houses on the (future) Houthavenkade. The building parts enclose a semi-sunken, double-layer parking garage with a collective roof garden on top. Due to the vastness and openness of the location on the IJ and the industrial character of the port area, a robust fa├žade materialization and nonsense detailing have been chosen. The corner block is elaborated with an industrial extruded stone in a pronounced masonry grid. The adjacent central block is made of musch-lime natural stone with cantilevered horizontal bands. On the city side, gable-filling aluminum sliding doors and balconies with hard glass balustrades offer an optimal view of the city and the IJ. The quay houses have a private roof terrace and are optimally oriented towards the street by means of storey-high folding doors on the ground floor. The roof garden features a variety of shrubs and flowering trees (Prunus dulcis). This joint courtyard is accessible from the adjacent houses and accessible from the Houthavenkade via a wide staircase. The court establishes a link with the green courtyards of the monumental building blocks in the adjacent Spaarndammerbuurt.

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