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The Borneohof

The Borneohof

Client The Alliance
Architect Geusebroek Stefanova
Contractor Construction company JM Bailiff
Project name The Borneohof
District East
number of residences 67

De Borneohof: winner of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2012

As part of the renovation of the Indian neighborhood, the district decided in 2007 to demolish the Borneoblok, which is in reasonable architectural condition, with approximately 150 small outdated homes on Javaplein and to replace it with new construction. Due to changes in the volume of the new building block, a new urban square had to be created as the new heart of the Indian neighborhood. The new Borneohof contains 67 owner-occupied and rental homes, including four wheelchair-accessible homes, which are grouped around, oriented towards and accessible by a green courtyard. However, due to the way in which this collective space is arranged, this court is experienced spatially as three different courts. This creates an intimate atmosphere that makes it an attractive meeting place for residents. The courtyard is accessible through four high gates that generate views between the street and the courtyard. In two of these gates, Piet Hein Eek realized a work of art with doors made of scrap wood. The design of De Borneohof largely matches the architecture of the area. The square building with its arcade and tower differs. It is a landmark in the district and houses, behind the arcade in the plinth, important social facilities for the district: the library, a grand café and a fitness center. By locating an underground parking garage under the new building, the adjacent streets and the square could become car-free.

Het Parool about De Borneohof: A boost for the neighborhood

A remarkable achievement: the architects Peter Geusebroek and Svetla Stefanova are in the top ten of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize for the sixth time. That says something about the quality of their designs, and about the appreciation they receive for it from residents and all voters. They won the first New Construction Prize for the De Monnik residential building, in the middle of the Red Light District. “It's about knowing who you're building for,” explains project architect Peter Geusebroek (70) as an explanation for his success. “You have to adapt your work to the environment, take incredible account of the context. It's not just about aesthetic beauty, but also about the nature and character of the environment. ” The Borneohof is a sizeable new-build block that fits in with the nature and character of the Indische Buurt without any problems. “This is an asset to the district,” says Ineke Genee (44), one of the five jury members who have appointed the ten nominees. Her colleague Judith Dekker (45) especially likes the diversity: a variety of purchase, free rent and social rent, all with different apartments. And then also with specially decorated entrance halls, where designer Piet-Hein Eek has filled a wall with a mosaic of doors from the demolished houses that used to be here. The residents share the appreciation for their building; they give a score of 8.4. They especially praise the 'beautiful architecture' and 'the design that fits nicely into the environment'. Most also mention the special inner garden. As a negative point, the lack of storage and bicycle sheds repeatedly comes to the fore. Seriana van den Berg (36) and Gijs Barends (35) bought an apartment of ninety square meters for three tons, including bought-out ground lease; a garage space cost thirty thousand euros extra. “We were in a rented apartment in the Eastern Docklands, so we already knew this neighborhood,” says Van den Berg. “We like this very much, also because of the nice mix of people and the quiet courtyard. And let's not forget: I was born on Borneo. ” “It's a fantastically beautiful building,” adds Barends, “and very well finished. But above all it is important that it helps to lift the neighborhood further. All groups from the neighborhood intersect on this square, and this building contributes to that. ” Director Lukas Deurwaarder of the construction company of the same name is also very proud of De Borneohof. “It is a large building with a lot of challenging masonry, but fortunately we are a large masonry company, so we can handle that.” His company has already been involved in new construction projects of the De Alliantie housing association. Moreover, the bailiff is used to difficult inner-city assignments, and this was pre-eminently this: a large construction site had to be dug for a two-storey parking basement in a densely built-up area where a tram line also passes. “It was a feat, not a straightforward modern block.”

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