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Elderly people in the Pijp

Elderly people in the Pijp

Client Ymere
Architect HP Architects
Contractor Coen Hagedoorn Construction group
Project name Elderly people in the Pijp
District South
number of residences 20

Elderly people in De Pijp: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2012

Two new-build locations in Eerste Jan Steenstraat form an architectural ensemble with the complex for the elderly in Govert Flinckstraat. Because the client wanted to preserve the specific target groups of elderly people and families with children for the lively De Pijp district, the residential complexes in Eerste Jan Steenstraat and the housing for the elderly in Govert Flinckstraat were developed. In the housing for the elderly, the creation of meeting space was the leading design theme. The shared living room is centrally located in the building. Because it is on the route for everyone and it is a bright and warm space, it is an attractive place to stay. The floors are accessed by an elevator and a staircase. The galleries that give access to the houses are wider than usual. The benches in these veranda-like outdoor spaces provide an extra stimulus to stay and meet. The new building forms a unity with the existing street wall of the Govert Flinckstraat. However, a closer look reveals different masonry connections and materials.

Het Parool about Elderly people in the Pijp: New for the elderly

It quickly becomes a cozy place, downstairs in the room where you can drink coffee together. Hein Verkerk (66) has called up some neighbors to the left and right to show how friendly they treat each other here. 'Flinck' is written in large letters on the window; no misunderstanding where we are here. Twenty senior housing units have been built in the Govert Flinckstraat over four floors, with a few commercial spaces downstairs, in addition to the communal sitting room. All houses are suitable for people in need of help, wheelchairs can easily drive in, the scooter can be parked, all outside doors are electrically operated with large push buttons. Because that was the explicit intention of the project Elderly people in De Pijp. “In neighborhoods like these, the elderly often cannot continue to live, even though they would like to,” explains Ella van den Bergh (45), project manager at the Ymere housing corporation. “We have written to all elderly people who live in a social rental home in Ymere in De Pijp to ask them if they are interested in this. We are very pleased that nine out of twenty residents come from this neighborhood. ” Verkerk comes from the Eastern Docklands, but due to his health had to go to a house with an elevator. Here he pays 661 euros in rent for seventy square meters. “It is of course very nice that I could go to this place in De Pijp, such a vibrant neighborhood with all amenities within walking distance: a gigantic choice of restaurants and shops, and of course the Albert Cuyp market.” The other residents are also very satisfied, they rate their home with a whopping 9.4. They praise the quality of the construction, including underfloor heating, and the beautiful architecture. “Upon arrival, it immediately hits the spot: un-Amsterdam spacious,” responds one of them. “Where you expect narrow stairs in De Pijp, you will find a beautiful staircase and spacious elevators here.” Special attention has indeed been paid to the design, says Manou Huijbregts (42) of HP Architecten. “We took a good look at the facades that originally stood on this spot. We have returned a number of ingredients of that image. Especially the difference in depth: part of the new façade stands out a bit, and the windows of the bedrooms are a bit deeper. Part of the old facade was white below, and that is now again. ” In this way, the new building fits seamlessly into the nineteenth-century street scene. Accessibility was also of great importance. “After all, this is intended for people who would otherwise have to leave their neighborhood. We opted for galleries at the back. They are so wide that they are more verandas where you can put benches on, so that they can serve as a meeting place, ”says Huijbregts. “It works,” says resident Verkerk. “Because of this design, we often meet each other, and then you automatically go to eat with your neighbors. It's just a bit of a Southern European atmosphere here. ” Huijbregts explains that that is why he did not hide the communal space somewhere, but deliberately designed where you enter immediately: “You now go from the entrance through the living room to the elevators.” The five jury members who determined the nominations, residents of new construction elsewhere in the city, are unanimously enthusiastic about this residential project. “They should do that more in Amsterdam, build homes for the elderly in their own neighborhood,” says Jolanda Koeman (52). “And then with underfloor heating, for social tenants!”

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