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Kinkerbuurt – Complex 1005 Block C2

Kinkerbuurt – Complex 1005 Block C2

Client Rochdale Project Development
Architect Schippers Architects
Contractor Van der Leij Construction companies
Project name Kinkerbuurt – Complex 1005 Block C2
District West
number of residences 32

Kinkerbuurt – Complex 1005 Block C2: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2011

After a major maintenance plan with improvements for complex 1005 was rejected in 1994 for insufficient tenant support (mainly because of the necessary rent increases), a high-level renovation plan was again started from 2002 onwards. The aim was to create greater diversity in the housing supply. After a process of very intensive consultation between planners and residents, this time the residents did agree with the plans. By merging the houses and creating more housing differentiation, a variety of social rental housing has been created. Complex 1005 has since been placed on the municipal monument list at the request of the district. This resulted in a discussion with the Aesthetics Committee, which wished the tilt and turn windows in the facade to be restored to their original state. However, this advice was not followed for reasons of use, but with the sliding windows used, the facade has been able to retain its original character.

Het Parool over Kinkerbuurt – Complex 1005 Block C2: Behind the renovated facade everything is new

Come and have a look at the Hasebroekstraat, between Kinkerstraat and Bellamystraat in West, and the difference immediately catches the eye. Nothing has been done on one side of the street, the other side has been renovated. There, the bricks were cleaned, grouted again, the graceful green tiles were polished and where necessary renewed. “These buildings are very characteristic of Amsterdam,” says Rob van der Leij (42), director of the construction company of the same name that specializes in restoration. “The lettuce gardens used to be here. A little further, three buildings were hit by a gas explosion. We have built it all over again in the same style. Then you have to bring back exactly the detailing in the facade. We had to have those tiles come all the way from Italy. ” That's just the outside. On the inside, houses are joined together: two adjacent or two houses located one above the other. The whole complex was given a new foundation. Where previously there were 67 social rental homes, 32 homes in social rent and 22 owner-occupied apartments have returned. That process has taken a lot of effort. “You are dealing with articulate residents here,” says Birgitte de Maar (46), project development director at the Rochdale housing association. “You have to bring a majority of seventy percent of the residents with you to carry out a renovation, and that took a long time.” Nominated is the block with 32 rental homes in the Hasebroekstraat and the Van Effenstraat, in the construction jargon: Kinkerbuurt Complex 1005 BlokC2. The residents are very satisfied with their new home and gave an 8.6 as a report mark. “Everything is beautifully finished and brand new. A very well-executed renovation, ”they replied to the telephone survey. “The fact that the houses are being renovated is good for the enjoyment of living and for the street scene.” Eelkje Nieuwland (35) is one of those lucky residents. She lived around the corner, also in a rented house from Rochdale. When it was refurbished, she had to get out, and she was allowed to give up her preference. Now she lives on 65 square meters on the two top floors, for a rent of 490 euros. “At first I paid 180 euros, but that was for 35 square meters and all misery. I had no central heating and it was very cold in the winter. Here everything is new, insulated, double glazed, and I have central heating and a bathroom. A lot of time, money and energy has been put into it to make it a fun project. ” De Maar: “We all have the feeling in this sector that we demolished a little too quickly in the past. Also because of all the new ideas about sustainability, we are more aware of what renovation means for the city. That is why it should also qualify for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. ” The jury is also of the opinion that this project deserves a place among the ten nominees. “Even if it is not a complete new building, it is very good that this is done,” judges jury member Niel Glas. “I really appreciate that the renewal in old neighborhoods keeps the city alive,” says fellow jury member Ed van den Boogaard. De Maar van Rochdale fully agrees with this: “Building new houses in an old coat in the old city is much more complicated than building a block on IJburg.” And then there is an even more difficult challenge: the renovation of the block on the corner of the Van Effenstraat and the Bellamystraat, a beautifully detailed facade in the style of the Amsterdam School, and therefore a municipal monument. “That makes very special demands,” says De Maar.

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