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Harbor Island East Block 56B

Harbor Island East Block 56B

Client Water city 3
Architect Groosman Partners Architects
Contractor Van Driesten Construction
Project name Harbor Island East Block 56B
New construction location IJburg
District East
number of residences 47

Haveneiland Oost Blok 56B: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2011

Block 56b is bordered on three sides by spacious access roads and on one side is located on the 'green tunnel', a watercourse with lots of reeds and greenery. The plot depth made it possible to water the residents of the single-family homes with a very spacious terrace and a garden of more than thirteen meters. From these spacious three-storey houses there is direct access to the underground parking garage. This can also be reached from the two apartment buildings at the corners of the building block. The parcelling of the facade makes it possible to recognize each individual single-family home separately. In principle, the structure of the facade is the same for each home, but the window layout can differ. By linking the window openings to surfaces of dark masonry, each house gets its own identity. The aluminum frames are detailed behind the brickwork, emphasizing the graphic composition of the facade. By connecting the design of the apartment buildings at the corners to this, the entire block forms a unit.

Het Parool about Haveneiland Oost Blok 56B: A dream house on the water

IJburg is present at the Amsterdam New Construction Prize every year. Logical, for the largest new-build location in the city. But that is precisely why it is striking that IJburg's share in this competition is relatively small. Last year, fourteen housing projects were completed on IJburg, almost a quarter of the total new construction in the city. Nevertheless, there is now only one project among the ten nominees, although the jury has been brooding for a long time about another block, at the point of Haveneiland Oost. “The quality of the homes on IJburg is generally very high,” says jury member Niel Glas. Nevertheless, the top ten consisted of only two blocks on IJburg in the first three years and only one last year. Only in 2009 was the winner in IJburg: a row of houses near Theo van Gogh Park. Close by is this year's IJburg candidate, another row of single-family homes, with a block of apartments at the corners; a total of 47 homes. “A great house,” says the jury who visited a single-family home and was impressed by the spacious layout and the gardens on the water. Some people find the playful design of the facade beautiful, while others find it boring. Architect Harry Sipkens (60) explains that he has tried to show in the facade that it is a whole, with differentiation because the window frames are hidden behind the masonry. “For me, it's about making homes that people like to live in,” says Sipkens. “I don't feel like an artist-architect, but an analyst-architect.” For example, he designed a sunken 'street', with an indoor garage under each house. The residents can from there directly into their home. Above it is the raised living space of the house. This gives the kitchen and dining area at the front of the house a lot more height. The house of Maud Minnebach (34), her husband Dick and son Gijs, including the indoor garage, cost 550,000 euros. For this they got 150 square meters of living space, plus that garage and a garden of thirteen meters deep, which opens onto an IJburg inland waterway. No wonder that scaffolding has already been built on every garden. Minnebach and her husband are IJburgers from the very beginning. At first they lived in an apartment. “Also beautiful, but for Gijs we wanted a house with a garden. We chose this because we love the difference in level in the house, and we have the large windows and lots of light that we wanted, plus a garden by the water. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from Dutch. Well, chosen, it was included. “We meet many people here who have moved on to IJburg,” says Minnebach. “We had to buy from paper, but it is much more fun than we thought. We often have a holiday feeling here, also because we are on the water. ” The other residents also think about it, who gave their block a score of 8.7. “I get a good feeling when I enter my house,” one responded. Another: “The indoor garage in the basement, a very spacious house, a garden and on a canal – where do you find that in Amsterdam?”

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