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The Funen – Melior

The Funen – Melior

Client Heijmans Real Estate
Architect Geurst & Schulze Architects
Contractor Heijmans
District Centre
Project name The Funen – Melior
number of residences 10

Het Funen – Melior: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

Ten residences are housed in an introverted building block on a former business park on the eastern side of the center. Since the houses are close to the surrounding buildings, terraced patio houses of three floors have been chosen. Three basic types have been designed: the corner house, the wide middle house and the elongated middle house. The patio homes are light and spacious due to the large voids and the generous layouts. The sleek concrete facades are fitted with a metal mesh against which climbing plants can grow and the roof is covered with moss. The green facades and the roof form a shell around the building. Only in the home are the spaces experienced with unexpected light through the patios and voids.

Het Parool about Het Funen – Melior: The ideal mix and a special pastry

This is a transparent house with lots of light and space. ' 'The robust appearance: concrete with tension cables and ivy against it, I think that's wonderful.' 'The car-free environment with the well-designed green zone means that the children can play outside in no time.' It is clear: the residents are very pleased with their remarkable square residential building in Funenpark. They gave it a score of 9.2. The Funenpark was also in the top ten of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize last year, with three buildings by architect Herman de Kovel. His colleague Jeroen Geurst faced the same challenge with Melior. “Frits van Dongen, who had drawn up the urban development plan, gave us the assignment to create 'pastries' on the triangular site behind the long block along the railway embankment and the quay,” says Geurst. “Every building had to look special. We have tried to make a very special 'pastry' by attracting as little attention as possible. The exterior of concrete becomes one with the park through the vegetation with ivy, clematis and wisteria. ” The Funenpark is almost finished; of the last building (and immediately the most expensive) the apartments have been put up for sale. “Now is a bad time,” admits William Rood, senior project manager at Heijmans Residential Building. “But there will still be people who want to live in such a unique part of the city.” This uniqueness is partly due to the fact that – very exceptionally – there is private land instead of leasehold. Originally a shunting yard of the Dutch Railways was located here, from the days of the ports and the Stork factory. One of the ten houses in Melior is occupied by Rolof Schut (48) and Jenneke Visser (42) with their sons Stijn (8) and Joris (6). They paid 650,000 euros for 170 square meters, spread over three floors, plus a roof terrace. The garage space cost another 45,000 euros. “We lived on 110 square meters in Markenhoven and wanted something bigger, and especially outdoor space,” says Visser. “We were on the Heijmans mailing list, but what was offered to us did not have more space.” “We almost bought something in IJburg, but we would much rather stay here in the center, then we can do everything by bike. Until this came out, a lottery ticket. By the way, it was literally lottery tickets, but luckily we were there very quickly. ” In this house, almost all rooms are interconnected. “That is exactly what we were looking for,” says Schut, “that unity and openness of this house. As a family you are really together in this house. And then as an extra the play of the light. ” The jury that selected the ten nominees was very quickly out with Melior. “There is nothing wrong with this,” said Steven Delva. “The architect has consistently worked out the concept that he came up with.” “A beautiful facade,” summarized Natasja Keller.

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