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The Four Lords

The Four Lords

Client AM
Architect WVAU Architects
Contractor Coen Hagedoorn Construction
District South
Project name: The Four Lords
Number of residences: 19

De Vier Heeren: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

De Vier Heeren is a project in which the buildings at Ceintuurbaan 356, 358, 360 and 364 have been renovated by order of AM. Here 19 owner-occupied homes and commercial space have been realized. The building at Ceintuurbaan 362 has been renovated by order of the Oud-Zuid district and contains 5 rental homes. The front and rear facades of De Vier Heeren have been addressed as an architectural unit. The buildings have been renovated to a high standard on the street side with reconstruction of a number of iconic elements, and at the rear the buildings at numbers 360, 362 and 364 have two-meter-deep balconies on the floors. Greenhouses have been placed on the ground floor. All apartments are two and three-room houses that are accessed through a central zone. The houses can be flexibly arranged. The living and sleeping areas cover the full width of the houses.

Het Parool about De Vier Heeren: Urban villas and old facades

Every year, the Amsterdam New Construction Prize includes a project that makes you wonder whether it belongs there. Those stately buildings on the Ceintuurbaan behind beautiful nineteenth-century facades – that is not a new building, is it? The jury was also upset. But behind those facades, so much has been done with the apartments that there may indeed be new construction. And of such quality that the jury was lyrical about it. “If only all facades in the city were treated like this,” Steven Delva sighed – because indeed a lot of work has gone into it. The jury members had objections to the lack of storage space and the hefty price. For example, Robbert-Jan Slager (31) had to pay 307,000 euros for an apartment of sixty square meters. “That was saving money. But we both have an income and no car. ” Despite this, these houses quickly sold out. “It was lottery tickets, there were so many candidates. We had already given up a bit, ”says Slager. “This is such a nice part of Amsterdam, it is like a village here. I have never regretted it. ” The Butcher, who comes from a rental house on Burmanstraat, was very keen to stay in his neighborhood and preferably live in a classic Amsterdam house. “It is special to live in a house that went through two world wars, but still offers all the advantages of new construction, in terms of sound insulation and fire safety.” And that is how all residents thought about it when giving their report mark: a 9.4. 'The authentic image has been preserved,' they noted, 'and the characteristic appearance of the building.' They owe this mainly to architect Alenca Mulder. “For years it was an impasse,” she says, “a project that nobody wanted to burn their fingers on. There was a plan for demolition and new construction, but the district then demanded that parking be on site. ” It was only when the project had passed to developer AM that things got under way. “With the exception of the front and rear façades, partitions and the staircase, completely new homes have been made within the hull.” “All homes behind the facade have new build quality,” adds Wim Looijen, AM's deputy director. “For us this is a relatively small project,” he admits, “and renovation is an exception for us. But even if you don't have to demolish, developing homes is very interesting, especially when it comes to sustainability. ” “It is very important that old buildings are preserved in the city,” says Mulder. “You have to be careful with that. And it is very special that you can then implement it as a new construction. ”

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