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New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam

Client Consortium Mahler 4
Architect de Architekten Cie.
Contractor G&S Construction
Project name New Amsterdam
District South
New construction location Zuidas
number of residences 194

New Amsterdam: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

Mahler 4 is the first developed area within the Zuidas. The New Amsterdam residential tower is in the middle of it. A total of 194 apartments have been realized in the tower. These are accessed by lifts from the entrance in the eight-meter-high plinth. Here are also various shops and facilities. From the entrance you can access the spacious lobby on the first floor via a wide staircase. Various facilities are linked to the lobby, which may or may not be exclusively accessible to residents, such as a swimming pool, fitness, sauna and a meeting center. The tower, with a surface area of 28 by 60 meters, has 23 floors that can be freely arranged thanks to a concrete column construction. Flexibility characterizes the tower: the 3.60 meter high storey floors can be freely arranged. This offered an enormous variety of possible floor plans for the apartments. The tower offers space for thirty different housing types, ranging from small business suites for short stays to large penthouses. The appearance of the tower is determined by the articulation of vertical strips of balconies and by the variation of high and low, narrow and wide openings. The silhouette of the building is striking due to the rounded shape of the penthouses.

Het Parool about New Amsterdam: Flat on the Zuidas and dike house in Noord

The contrast is enormous between these two candidates for the New Construction Award. On one side a gigantic apartment on the Zuidas, opposite a dike house in Tuindorp Oostzaan. The jury that determined the nominations also struggled with the problem: how can you compare such diverse housing types? “It's very difficult to judge,” Natasja Keller sighed, wandering through the three hundred square meter apartment on the twentieth floor of the New Amsterdam residential tower on Gustav Mahlerlaan. “It is a plus that housing is also offered in Amsterdam for people who have a lot of money,” said Steven Delva. “That adds value to the city.” That is why the five jury members also nominated such an outlandish object. It is also strange that this is not a representative assessment by the residents. Up to the eighteenth floor, this tower contains 174 rental apartments, 101 of which are furnished with 24-hour service and a private entrance, for the (international) workers in all those office colossuses on the Zuidas. These service apartments cost EUR 2,300 to EUR 6,800 in rent per month; the ordinary 2000 to 3900 euros, and apartments with an office 3700 to 6600 euros. Reports only came from the luxury owner-occupied apartments on the top eight floors, and that led to a 9.3. 'Nicely finished,' noted the residents, 'with an international appearance.' 'The new cityscape is exciting and un-Dutch.' And then all the services in the building, plus health club and swimming pool. Pero Puljiz and Branimir Medic, two Croats who work for the Architecten Cie, are responsible for the appearance. “We did a postgraduate training at the Berlage Institute, and stayed here when the Balkan War broke out,” explains Puljiz (47). “It had to be a simple building, yet glamorous. We wanted to apply as many nuances as possible that indicate that it is a residential building after all. According to European standard, this has become a luxury building of a high standard. ” It was still a difficult job for the contractor, says project director Mike Coffeng of G&S Bouw. “We specialize in non-residential construction. With homes it is about many more smaller spaces and all kinds of special details. That requires completely different logistics. But the result is a building with allure and a very high level of finish, which is fun to build. ” Ronald (68) and Joyce (62) de Ruuk live on the twentieth floor, who were looking for a spacious apartment instead of their home elsewhere in South. “At first I didn't want to be in a tower like that,” admits Joyce. “But when we saw this space, we were immediately impressed. All that light! This is un-Amsterdam, groundbreaking. ” “It is quiet at the weekend,” admits Ronald. “And there are still few shops. But catering enough, it is by no means boring. And the station and the light rail are nearby. ” The buyers do not talk about prices, they have agreed. Let's say we're in the high end here, and that usually means above the million.

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