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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client SKA Building development
Architect Snoeks architects
Contractor Witkamp Construction
District North
Project name Kometensingel
number of residences 8

Kometensingel: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

The Oostzanerdijk is part of the Waterlandse Zeedijk, which has protected the Waterland region from the water of the Zuiderzee since the Middle Ages. After the St. Elisabeth flood of 1421, the inhabitants of the area were allowed to build the dike in 1422. The dike formed the northern border of the municipality of Amsterdam for a long time. Eight semi-detached houses have been designed on this historic dyke with the characteristics of a dyke house. For example, the difference in level between the dike and the 'low land' leads to a split-level level in the houses. On the south side, the houses have an extra space on the ground floor, adjacent to the garden. This space can be used as a garage or as an office.

Het Parool on Kometensingel: Flat on Zuidas and Dijkhuis in Noord

From the Zuidas to Tuindorp Oostzaan – as the crow flies, it's not that bad, but you experience it as a journey between extremes. Yet there are also points of similarity. The residents gave a score of 9.3 in both places. And they live in both places with great satisfaction. Zoë Kwint (37) was born and grew up in the doctor's house on the Kometensingel; her mother still lives there. When she started studying she lived 'in the city' for eight years, as the Tuindorpers call Amsterdam south of the IJ. “But I knew I never wanted to stay there.” She could get a house, also on the Kometensingel. “With two children that became too small. Should I leave Noord anyway? Until here a sign was put up that houses were for sale. We immediately took an option. ” For 390,000 euros, Kwint got a house of 185 square meters with many level differences; with surrendered ground lease it would be 50,000 euros more expensive. “The nice thing is: you don't imagine yourself in a new-build house here. It is as if it has been there for years. The architect has succeeded very well in adding something that is not at odds with the character of Tuindorp Oostzaan. ” That architect is Henk Snoeks (45), and he agrees: “A house like this must fit the spot. Kometensingel and Oostzanerdijk almost touch each other. That dike is four and a half meters higher than the canal, and that determined the differences in level in the house. From the dike it looks like a classic dike house. ” Yet it could also have turned out differently. When project developer SKA Bouwontwikkeling took over the site from the owner, who had stopped his petrol station, a plan was first developed for about 25 apartments for young people. But the district put a stop to that. “They liked this plan,” says Marcel Schreuder (36) of SKA, a family business. “This was on a much smaller scale. We looked at the houses around it to apply that architectural style, and also used beautiful materials. People like this. ” The residents are enthusiastic about the space and the playful layout, but especially about the living environment. Their house fits in nicely, and they are immediately 'in a pleasant neighborhood with a village character'. However, the Kometensingel district could be better paved. The jury found a drawback that there is no direct question of innovative architecture here, as in many other places in the city. “But this is very nicely integrated into the environment,” said Johanna Bruin. And besides: if you want to nominate the extra freak, you also have to give the strikingly ordinary a chance. “At first I thought: this is not spectacular, this will never be nominated,” admits architect Snoeks. “But it shows everything I have with architecture. You notice the movement in the house. It has not been smoothed out. And it shows the diversity of the city of Amsterdam. You also have special places in Noord. ”

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