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Hartenlust – Kempe Thill

Hartenlust – Kempe Thill

Client Delta Forte by order of Townsman
Architect Atelier Kempe Thill
Contractor Smit's Construction Company
District New West
Project name Heart lust
number of residences 23

Hartenlust Kempe Thill: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

The existing row of houses has been replaced by an optimized, modern version of the row house. In order to be able to build as many houses as possible on the available location, the house width is limited to the minimum set out in the Building Regulations, namely 4.80 meters. In order to be able to realize the required living space, the houses have become relatively deep as a result of the minimized width. An advantageous side effect is that the facade, generally regarded as the most expensive building part, is also reduced in relation to the floor area; cheap cubic meters could be produced in this way. The façade openings have been maximized to allow sufficient daylight to enter the deep house. An innovative concept for the exterior of the building has also been developed with this. Storage and parking are integrated in the houses on the ground floor. The access road to the parking garages is covered by terraces on the first floor. Cars disappear from the streets, while at the same time more privacy has been created for the roof gardens.

Het Parool about Hartenlust: extra space for more windows

It is impossible, there on the Domela Nieuwenhuisstraat in Osdorp. Last week, the row of houses of Hartenlust was praised by columnist Ronald Hooft, and today they are again in the spotlight. Just like in the block on IJburg next door, DKV Architecten and Atelier Kempe Thill are working together in the new-build project Hartenlust. The large apartment block of DKV did not make the top twenty (with a not bad score of 8.3); The 22 single-family homes of Kempe Thill received an 8.9 from their residents, and the jury found nomination in order. “A surprising house with a good price-quality ratio,” said Johanna Bruin. “A wonderful family home,” says Natasja Keller. And Steven Delva: “The architect has clearly thought: how can I make a house that has to be cheap, but still beautiful.” The residents are full of praise for the space, the large windows and the abundance of light, and especially the very special design of their houses. Their high rating is all the more striking, as they would have quite a reason to complain about the finish. The eye-catching facade shows persistent leakage problems and may need to be replaced in a number of homes. “Yes, that facade was a challenge,” confirms Marco Diependaal, manager of Smits Bouwbedrijf. “It is one aluminum facade over the entire width and height, with enormous windows. And the architect had to make the façade row completely flat. That makes it quite difficult to prevent leaks, because aluminum has an enormous coefficient of expansion. ” The front facade of one house has been replaced on trial, and if that repair works out well, this will also happen in other houses. “That damage is covered by the warranty,” says Diependaal. For Silvester Draaijer (43) and Gees van der Schoor (48), this is a detail that cannot spoil their living pleasure. They came from Geuzenveld, where their house had become too small with three children, and wanted to continue to live in West. Draaijer and Van der Schoor consider that this is not a classic, traditional house a plus. “This is a plain house, what you see is openness. The front door slides open, there is no hall. The staircase is prominent. This is really the home we wanted. It is a new housing vision. ” The architects of Kempe Thill also had to create something special, because they had the assignment to build a complete house on a plot less than five meters wide. “It was a challenging task for them,” says Linda Schalkwijk, area developer of Stadgenoot, the housing association in which client AWV has joined. “They have created something new in New West.” As with the houses on Haveneiland East described last week, the cars are parked behind the houses, while an enormous terrace lies across the closed 'street'. Behind this, there will be a large enclosed inner garden, which is also intended for the residents of the apartment block. Draaijer and Van der Schoor have paid 350,000 euros for their house with 160 square meters of living space.

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