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Harbor Island West Block 14

Harbor Island West Block 14

Client IJ-Delta Development
Architect Heren 5 Architects
Contractor Smit's Construction Company
District East
New construction location IJburg
Project name Harbor Island West Block 14
number of residences 42

Haveneiland West Block 14: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

Under the supervision of DKV, Heren 5 Architecten designed the north-eastern head of Block 14. All principles of IJburg, such as diversity, multiple architects in one block and overbuilt parking, have been applied in this project. A shallow block of approximately 50 meters has been built between Boulevard Noord and Binnengracht, consisting of seven volumes that are closely related to each other. The outside of the block has a tough look with formal entrances. The courtyard is informal with a semi-public courtyard and private courtyard gardens on the roof of the parking garage. The facade of the U-shaped head of Heren 5 consists on the outside of light yellow sintered bricks, large holes and recesses, comparable to those of a warehouse. The inside has the same color scheme, but is made of finely sawn wood and concrete. All 42 houses have three rooms and a French balcony on the facade. The boulevard and end houses have a combined terrace gallery in the courtyard. The canal houses have a gallery on the inner facade and a large loggia on the south on the canal.

Het Parool about Haveneiland West Block 14: Extra space for more windows

Between Daguerrestraat, Bert Haanstrakade and Talbotstraat in IJburg is a large rectangular block with 153 homes around a spacious courtyard. The whole is an urban design by Dolf Dobbelaar, then still at the architectural firm DKV, but two more offices were engaged for the implementation: Kempe Thill and Heren 5. The result is a very varied image, with a row of single-family houses here, and a block of apartments and in between, as eye-catchers, floating houses, two-storey houses that look out high and yet have no upstairs and downstairs neighbors. Kempe Thill's block did not make it to the top twenty. The components of DKV were, but were not nominated. The houses that Heren 5 designed, did put the jury among the last ten. It was all about arranging and measuring, says Fred Langeslag, director of IJ-Delta Development, in which the builders ERA and Smits, the Bouwfonds and the housing corporation Ymere work together. “We were commissioned to build 43 social rental homes, 75 for the Amsterdamse Middenhypotheek and 35 for sale in the private sector, plus commercial spaces, parking spaces and catering, so you know that it doesn't fit. We have not chosen the most lucrative solutions. For us it was about what is best for the entire Haveneiland, with the ambition that suits IJburg. ” “The contours were fixed,” adds Jan Klomp, architect of Heren 5. “But we were able to determine the content.” On the one hand, there was a block of social rental homes, on the other, owner-occupied homes for the Amsterdam Middenhypotheek. There would be two stairwells in between, because buying and renting upstairs at the same place was impossible. Fortunately, this was not done for budgetary reasons, but the result was that space was left for three long, narrow houses, some thirty meters deep, with no fewer than seven windows to the side. A map that seems almost irrelevant on paper, but where Joke de Jager (56) lives with great satisfaction. “I came from outside and looked for something in the city, preferably by the water and not in the crowds. I came across this apartment through Google, ”she says. For 295,000 euros it has 120 square meters of home and 25 square meters of outdoor space in the quiet courtyard; the parking space cost another 31,000 euros. A long corridor along all those windows forms an extra space, as it were, and at the end of her house she looks out over the wide IJmeer. “I like IJburg because of its sleek, sturdy architecture. And the inner garden is designed in such a way that it is very beautiful in summer and winter. ” And so more residents think about it, because they gave their complex an 8.9. The view, the light, the location on the water, the inner garden – they all praised these advantages. One mentioned in particular the good mix between owner-occupied homes in various classes and social housing.

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