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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
Harbor Island East Block 51a

Harbor Island East Block 51a

Client Blauwhoed Euro houses
Architect Quest Architects
Contractor Slokker construction group
District East
New construction location IJburg
Project name Harbor Island East Block 51a
number of residences 26

Haveneiland Oost Blok 51a: winner of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

The residential building, consisting of 26 town houses, is located between Theo van Gogh Park and the 'green tunnel'. The location was the reason to want to capture both the qualities of the city and of nature in the building and to make these tangible for the residents. The building has two faces. The facade of the park is made of a warm dark red brick. Due to the unambiguous use of materials, high eaves and rows of windows, the wall acquires mass and reveals itself as a unit. The entrance and exit of the garage and the clock accentuate this extra. The individual houses remain recognizable due to high bay windows and vertical cuts in the masonry. The facade has large windows with steel crosses that offer a view of the street and the park. The facade on the 'green tunnel' is characterized by the recessed building mass with terraces on several floors. These provide space for private life between the living room and the waterfront. This sun-facing façade is made of light façade sections, combined with a semi-open plinth of Siberian larch. The six-meter-high wooden portals emphasize the individual home and frame nature from within the home.

Het Parool about Haveneiland Oost Blok 51a: Where is new and beautiful?

No fewer than 21 residential projects were completed on IJburg last year, some 1,600 homes. Yet there are only two complexes in the top ten, including this row of 26 single-family homes. But that does not mean that there is much to grumble about the nineteen residential blocks that are not included in the prices. Most of them received a score between 8 and 9 from their residents – even that is not enough to become prize winners. The row of houses that we visit today is good for a 9.3, according to the residents. 'Spacious, light, open and yet a varied layout,' they noted. 'High-quality finish, use of luxurious materials.' That judgment is shared by the five jury members, residents of non-nominated residential buildings. “The architect has clearly fought for detail,” praises Steven Delva. “And that environment,” says Natasja Keller impressed, “a large terrace, and then soon a jetty on the water.” Indeed, the term 'terraced house' does not really apply here. It still looks like this on Emmy Andriessestraat, with its dark red brick facade. But the surprise is behind, on the bright light executed sunny side. The parking spaces have been ingeniously concealed via an inner street under the huge rear terrace. The water of the 'green tunnel' on IJburg ensures a wide, unobstructed view there, just as in front of Theo van Gogh Park. The four floors offer a lot of space: 190 square meters. The first residents had to pay six hundred thousand euros for this, but according to Jil Siegersma (32) and Peter Westerneng (30) it is more than worth that amount. For four years they looked for the house to their liking: on the water, with two parking spaces, in Amsterdam. “At that time we also looked at IJburg, but we didn't know how quickly we had to get away: one big construction site,” says Siegersma. “But when we sniffed at Funda, we ended up here later. Now we saw a decorated neighborhood. So such a sand plain can become something fun. ” For architect Carli Driessen (42) of Queeste Architecten, it was mainly a concern that these houses form the connection between the park on one side and the water on the other. “The whole must form a unity, but you must also be able to find your own home. The key question is: how rich can you make it? ” Driessen explains. That is why he has decorated the facade row with a large clock. “These houses,” he says, “fit in with everyday life and are still beautiful.” The detailing in the design did create some snags for Sander Seppen (37), head of production at Slokker Bouwgroep, but according to him the result gives 'a real city feeling'. “This is an appealing facade, there is richness in it, and that stands out. And if the residents then give such a high score, you as a builder are happy too. That's what you do it for. ”

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