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Furore – Block A.

Furore – Block A.

Client Crystal project development by order of Stadgenoot
Architect Kruunenberg Van der Erve Architects
Contractor Ballast Nedam
District West
Project name Furore – Block A.
number of residences 46

Furore – Block A: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

The three buildings that replace the former Jan Swammerdam Institute appear to be closed, autonomous building blocks, but blend in with the structure of the environment. Each block is divided into two building parts perpendicular to Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat. These correspond to the nineteenth-century buildings on the other side of the street. The five-meter-high base refers to a closed building block and therefore looks solid, but is made of clear glass and roughly figured melting glass. On the first floor, this plinth functions as a balustrade for the French balconies of the houses behind. The two building parts on the base are functionally and architecturally connected by footbridges and a glass noise barrier. There are four commercial spaces and three work houses on the ground floor. Above that are seven floors with owner-occupied and social rental homes, which are mixed throughout the building. A two-level parking garage has been realized under the block. The light main stairwell forms one space from the lowest basement level to the sixth floor. The apartments on the first floor are accessed via their spacious terraces. The other houses are accessible via the walkways or via the galleries on the north facade.

Het Parool about Furore – Block A: The ideal mix and a special pastry

On the site of the former Swammerdam Institute – one thought the demolition was a mortal sin, the other was glad that that hideous knoepert was taken down – Furore, a complex with three new buildings that together represent the core of the big city. One block contains a combination of 22 social rental homes and 24 owner-occupied homes, the middle block houses a psychiatric shelter in Mentrum, and the third, which has yet to be built, is intended as solid, a building in which tenants are completely free how they want their space. to fill in. And all this on the busy Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, in the heart of the Oud-West. Architect Gerard Kruunenberg (51) has been involved since the first plans in 1998. “I grew up on the Overtoom, so I know the neighborhood very well. And it is always nice to contribute to your own city as an architect. He is especially proud of his 'watermark': the glass plinth of the building, five meters high and with figures cast in it. And how he has completely redesigned the concept of a gallery flat with footbridges behind a large glass wall. The block of houses is certainly an asset, according to the residents; they awarded it with a 9.1. “Everything within walking distance: the WG site, the Vondelpark, the Leidseplein,” says one. “Nicely centrally located for going out, very various shops nearby, the PC Hooft on one side and the Ten Kate market on the other, and the neighborhood is very cozy,” notes another. That is how Kruunenberg sees it: “This building is a connection between Van Baerlestraat and Kinkerstraat. It will give a different impulse to this part of the city. ” Residents praise their homes as modern and fresh, light and spacious. They also see the combination with Mentrum as a plus: 'A good integration of psychiatry in society.' Furore is also a good example of how social rent and free purchase can be combined in one building. “This building is perfect for that mixing,” says development manager Albert Ravestein (53) of the Stadgenoot housing corporation. “Here we find Oud-West in mini format: a bit of Helmersbuurt and a bit of Kinkerbuurt.” In Furore, smaller apartments in the social sphere have been chosen, which can easily be combined if necessary. The owner-occupied homes vary from more than 100 to 180 square meters; the purchase prices of 325,000 to 570,000 euros, and 38,000 euros for a space in the parking basement. Ton van Roode (53) pays 435 euros per month, including service costs, for a rental home of almost sixty square meters. “A fantastic place,” he cheers. “I lived on the corner of Marnixstraat-Rozengracht, but wanted to get out because of the noise. Here you don't have that at all, you hardly even hear the tram. ” He calls the combination of buying and renting great: “That mix of young people and people who are older.” This mixture was also an important reason for the jury to nominate Furore. “The building has a good atmosphere,” said Gabriëlle Voogt. And Henne Roelvink: “More of these types of buildings should be built in the city center.”

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