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Calandparc – Urban Villas

Calandparc – Urban Villas

Client MJ de Nijs Project development
Architect Arons and Gelauff architects
Contractor Construction company MJ de Nijs en Zn
District New West
Project name Calandparc – Urban Villas
number of residences 48

Calandparc – Urban Villas: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2009

Three residential towers have been built within the urban development plan of Osdorp on the former site of the Pieter Caland College. Each urban villa contains sixteen owner-occupied apartments, spread over five floors. In order to maintain the shady green character of the area as much as possible, the parking is located half-sunken under the towers. As a result, the first floor was placed on the first floor. The part of the parking garage that protrudes under the buildings serves as a terrace for the houses. The facades consist of prefab concrete floor edges with alternating glass fronts and colored panels behind patterned glass. The towers are almost identical, only the penthouse structures differ to provide a slight variation.

Het Parool about Calandparc – Urban Villas: Urban villas and old facades

Three five-storey apartment buildings have been built on the site where the Osdorper Scholengemeenschap used to stand and later the Calandlyceum. They are called urban villas in contemporary developer jargon, but for the residents they are mainly wonderful homes. There used to be a lot of greenery, and during construction the mature trees and lawns were spared, so that you live in a park there, as it were. Especially that was what the residents called a plus in their scores. “The then district chairman Simon Willing lived opposite here, and he wanted to keep it green,” explains architect Floor Arons (40). “At many new-build locations, the greenery comes much later. Here we had to make buildings that are guests in the green. That's why we made rounded corners and didn't use brick. Public space has not become a final item, I am very proud of that. ” The residents also praise the space of their homes, with lots of light all around. The top floors have also been enriched with a huge roof terrace, real penthouses along the Pieter Calandlaan. The high report mark, a 9 round, cannot come as a surprise. And for Rob (54) and Jane (53) Stupid it is very special. It was only when they returned to Amsterdam, after years in Almere, that they realized that they were exactly where they had met each other, in the class of the Osdorper Scholengemeenschap. “I originally came from Geuzenveld, Jane from Slotervaart, so when we wanted to return from Almere – the children had left home – we first looked in West,” says Rob. “We were looking for a large balcony or terrace, so this was immediately to our liking.” The couple are one of those lucky ones who can enjoy a large terrace upstairs. Yet they only paid 290,000 euros for their 107 square meter apartment plus space in the parking garage. “Build not too expensive, but also not too small to accommodate families with children,” had chosen director Winfred de Nijs (52) of MJ de Nijs, both the builder and the developer, as the starting point. His company was one of the parties who were allowed to give their vision on this fallow area in a competition from the municipality. “And I started to tell with passion what we wanted there.” “The apartment buildings are particularly integrated into the landscape,” he now concludes with satisfaction. “This is daring construction in an inappropriate place. I think it's pearls. ” “Indeed,” confirms Jane Stom, “this is a combination of a beautiful building and a beautiful environment, with public transport, theater and schools close by. We live in a park and can be at Leidseplein in 15 minutes. ” The jury that selected the ten candidates was equally charmed. “A beautiful building with a pleasant outdoor space,” said Natasja Keller. “And the price for that surface is very positive,” says Henne Roelvink. “This building stands out.”

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