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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client Lingotto Vastgoed , Ymere
Architect TBE Architects
District East
Project architect (s) Bernard Eeltink
Contractor KBK Construction
Project name Ultimulti
Address Jan Olphert Vaillantlaan 24-48, Cornelis Zillesenlaan 19-46
Number of residences: 29

Ultimulti: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

When years ago the final choice was made for urban expansion on the east side of Amsterdam, it was already clear that within this district there should be room for new building forms and individual expression. With these criteria in mind, we worked on the realization of 29 homes in the Zuidbuurt of Steigereiland, which were built according to the UltiMulti concept. UltiMulti stands for a new, interactive and individual design concept for new-build homes. Within this concept, future residents could have a major influence on the composition of their home. Residents could choose the number of layers and thus the volume, the floor plans and the appearance of the house (facade layout and materials). Combining an enormous amount of variants and options has led to a great diversity of housing types and a great living pleasure in this project.

Het Parool about Ultimulti: Nice and tight and with a lot of freedom

This could well become a new trend in residential construction. No new-build house 'off the shelf', ready-made series construction. But not the other side of the spectrum either, completely free-to-build plots. “This free construction is only for the happy few, people who have the money for it, or who have a taste for it,” says Bob Jansen (41), owner of project developer Lingotto. “But there was nothing between that and series production.” Lingotto, together with Ymere, offered a completely new concept on Steigereiland (IJburg). “People could build their own home together at home at the kitchen table on the website and also immediately saw what it would cost,” says Jansen. “It contained sixty different floor plans,” adds Klaas Klouwer (57), the director of KBK Bouw from Volendam. And no fewer than ninety choices in windows. ” Jansen: “We had hundreds of variants. People could fill in how many floors they wanted, what kind of stones in their facade, continuous floors or voids, many or few windows. When they were out, they sent their own design to the broker by email. ” The modules were designed by TBE Architecten, but that played a minor role here. “The buyers were their architects themselves, as it were. That is why the design of the modules was also very restrained. ” “The buyer turned the controls,” says Klouwer, “even though that meant a lot of work for the contractor. But we want to be at the forefront of this way of building, with a lot of freedom for the buyer. ” The core of this so-called private commissioning practice is that every buyer concludes his own agreement with the contractor, and that a separate building permit must therefore also be requested for each home. “That means a lot more guidance than usual during a construction project,” explains Klouwer, “but the buyer does not have to arrange anything himself, he has peace of mind.” In any case, the residents are very satisfied, they noted in their scores: about the freedom to organize their own home, about the diversity that this has resulted in. And about the Diemerpark nearby. Bert Leegwater (37) is one of those buyers. “When I saw the Ultimulti site, I was immediately sold. It became too small for us in the Eastern Docklands, and we were looking for a house with space and a garden. This felt like: you ask and we deliver. ” “The asking price is also more than reasonable,” says Leegwater. He ended up paying 430,000 euros for a four-storey, 240 square meter house, plus a garden and a roof terrace. “And A-quality.”

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