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The Quadrant

The Quadrant

Client Delta Forte, Far West
Architect BUROBEB
District New West
Contractor Riz Construction
Project name The Quadrant
Address Jaap Edenstraat 13-16, Eduard Meijerstraat 11-14, Hendrik Bulthuisstraat 13-16, Brediusstraat 11-14, Willem Mulierhof 25-31, Del Court van Krimpenstraat 11-14
number of residences 24

Het Kwadrant: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

The planning area for this project comprises three locations, contained in three identical urban development ensembles: two L-shaped blocks of single-family homes on the edge of town and country. At this location, multi-storey and single-family homes have made way for 24 ground-based single-family homes. Six detached buildings, each consisting of two houses, are located in the green. The objects have partly two, partly three floors and are oriented in a north-south direction. Access to the houses is via a footpath. This path runs right through the buildings and ends in the green.

Het Parool about Het Kwadrant: Standing out in Osdorp and Geuzenveld

Something special has been built on the edge of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, with a view of the green polder. In place of 36 demolished terraced houses, six detached pavilions have been built, each with two pairs of large residences on either side of a covered inner street. The houses are also deliberately finished completely differently. A prefab concrete frame is covered with EPDM, a diving suit-like synthetic material made of reinforced glass fiber. Against this is a 'light voile of wooden slats, for an airy effect', as architect Chris Boot (48) puts it. “Instead of the old houses, row houses were again thought of,” say Boot and his colleague Kaspar Aussems (51) of the Burobeb architectural firm. “But we didn't think that was appropriate. Then you get all backyards with fences again. ” “That is why we proposed sawing off parts of the existing rows. As a result, all residents also have a much better view of the greenery. And we have been selected on that plan. ” The unusual construction method had the advantage that the houses were ready in a very short time, so that the nuisance for the neighborhood was limited. Of the 24 new homes, eight (a group of two pavilions) were intended for social housing. The other pavilions contain sixteen owner-occupied homes, which have an extra second floor plus a roof terrace. For such a house, with 152 square meters of floor space, sixty square meters of garden on two sides and 18 square meters of roof terrace, Marion Lubbers (31) and her husband had to pay 305,000 euros. “We lived in Osdorp, in De Aker,” says Lubbers, “but the house didn't grow along with us and our belongings. We went to look in the Zuiderkerk for something bigger. This is where this project struck us, also because it was the first to become available. But yes, it was only sixteen homes, so we had very little chance. We were lucky that we were drawn. ” Now she finds that all the alternatives they had seen are insignificant. “Geuzenveld is much quieter and greener than Osdorp. The children can safely play outside here, and when they are a bit older, they can go straight into the polder. ” They are really big houses, suitable for families. “A spacious layout in a green environment,” the residents stated in their report forms. “Beautiful architecture, not a standard appearance.” The eye-catching design was also a source of discussion for the jury, which compiled the top ten. “I find it very attractive,” says Jacobine Ritsema. But another calls it 'ugly' or 'foolishness'. The residents also have something to say about the handling of delivery defects. “The construction was actually not finished at the time,” Lubbers explains.

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