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  • AT5
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Client The Principal
Architect: Hooyschuur architects
District East
Contractor Coen Hagedoorn Construction
Project name Swammerdambuurt
Address Ruyschstraat 15-19, Swammerdamstraat 57-61
number of residences 13 and business space

Swammerdambuurt: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

In December 2001, three parties, namely the Oost / Watergraafsmeer district, the De Key housing association and the Swammerdam residents' committee, signed an initial memorandum setting out a customized plan for the restoration and preservation of the Swammerdambuurt. The Swammerdambuurt is characterized by a wide range of architectural expressions, with many characteristic buildings, mostly from the nineteenth century. There are various national and municipal monuments by architects such as Van Gendt, Salm and Henkenhaf. The starting memorandum and the Plan of Approach have been further elaborated into restoration and renovation plans for each architectural unit and construction order. This enabled the implementation of the repair of 290 homes to start.

Het Parool about Swammerdambuurt: Old and new new construction

An old facade candidate for the New Construction Prize? It may sound strange, but it will happen more and more often. Planners are less likely to demolish a neighborhood when renovating. Preserving the image of a street is considered much more important than ten or twenty years ago. This happened, for example, in the Swammerdambuurt, at the intersection of Ruyschstraat and Swammerdamstraat. It is proof how good it is that this form of 'new construction' can also qualify for the prize. If only because of all the barriers that the developer and builder had to remove before they could get started. Especially the resistance of the residents. “The neighborhood was nominated for demolition in the 1970s. That made the residents very militant, ”says Rein van Zelst (59), project leader on behalf of De Principaal. “We had to take an important step with the residents. To this end, we set up a counseling committee, together with the residents' committee, the Vereniging Buurtbehoud, the Weesperzijde strip and De Key, the corporation that owned the homes. I was the chairman. And the decision-making about the project was handed over to this supervisory committee. As far as I know, the renovation of a neighborhood has never been arranged in this way. ” Architect Jos Kroon (56) van Hooyschuur Architecten also had to deal with this. “They all wanted to influence their floor plans. I had to explain to the supervisory committee what the possibilities were, she told the pros and cons. It was pure customization. ” In 2003, work was started on 85 buildings that urgently needed some work, in groups spread across the neighborhood. The job is now almost done. All residents were guaranteed that they could return to a home from this project, according to Van Zelst. However, to keep the entire approach affordable, more homes had to be sold than originally planned. Lex Orie (29) and his heavily pregnant girlfriend Anneke Huizinga (30) bought one, on the corner. This made it an exceptional house, because it has a triangular floor plan. They paid 359,000 euros for 120 square meters. They both came from a small house in the city. “We wanted a characteristic house, without having to renovate much. We both immediately loved this house, ”says Orie. “But there were already 75 candidates for this house alone. It really was a lottery. ” Which they won. They are now very satisfied, close to the Amstel, close to the Pijp, and close to the motorway. The jury that composed the top ten is particularly pleased with the mix of social housing and free sector in this project.

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