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Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk

Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk

Client The Principal
Architect Architectural firm Marlies Rohmer
District West
Contractor Ursem
Project name Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk
Address Spaarndammerdijk 1-11
number of residences 20 and supermarket, coffee shop and 4 studio spaces

Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

At the pivotal point between the old Spaarndammerbuurt and the new plan for the Houthaven, this apartment block forms the backdrop for a square that will be lively in the future. Behind the brick wings are wide, openwork short galleries with voids. The living kitchens are adjacent to this. The living rooms have spacious balconies that are oriented to the large sunny communal courtyard. The ground floor offers space for a supermarket, workshops, the entrance to the sunken, semi-mechanical parking garage and other neighborhood facilities. The project mainly consists of social rental housing. It therefore has a simple gallery access to save costs. A house has been extended to the street at both ends of the gallery. The living rooms of these houses and the lively wide gallery with voids contribute to the vitality of the street. The filigree, sculptural masonry facade with prefabricated brick elements in traditional block bond pays homage to the nearby, unsurpassed Amsterdam School architecture with its closed masonry surfaces. At the same time, the project has its own, non-historicizing, signature.

Het Parool about Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk: New and old facades

The Noordkop Spaarndammerdijk, the striking new building on the corner of the dike and Spaarndammerstraat, may not need much propaganda at all. Architect Marlies Rohmer (50) and developer De Principaal have already been awarded the Zuiderkerk Prize, the annual award given by the professional jury. Rohmer was also one of the three winners of the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts this year. It took an exceptionally long before this building was built. “I was already approached by De Principaal ten years ago,” says Rohmer. “I've already done more for them, it's a pleasant client. They dare to experiment and are open-minded. That's brave. ” The fact that this project took so many years was partly due to the complicated location. “We had to build a dike body,” says Vincent van Goethem (58), the project manager of De Principaal, “while the old buildings had to remain on either side.” That did not work, but those neighboring buildings had to be rebuilt with exactly the same facade after demolition. There are now modern owner-occupied homes behind it. Floris Regouin (31) has an apartment of 94 square meters for 360,000 euros, including a 25-meter roof terrace and a space in the parking basement. Although there were 66 candidates per owner-occupied home and an open house attracted more than a thousand interested people, Regouin was lucky: he was immediately drawn. The new building with its characteristic vertical facade houses, above an enormous Albert Heijn and a tiny coffee shop, twenty homes between seventy and 99 square meters; fourteen in social rent, and six owner-occupied homes. The tenants are rich in a beautiful apartment for around six hundred euros a month. For this they not only have a spacious house, but also a large enclosed courtyard and a wide wooden gallery on the street side, hidden behind the facade. This forms the necessary buffer against the traffic noise. A beautiful building, with the large gallery and the magnificent inner garden, the jury judged. “The total space has been well used.” Only about the white facade below the jury members were less satisfied. Architecte Rohmer is not dissatisfied with the slow development process afterwards. The initial plan provided for only large owner-occupied homes. “The fact that it was left in place for so long meant that it is now intended for social housing. It is a plus that even people with a small budget can live so well in the middle of the city, ”she says. “It is really difficult when a process takes so long. You have to be careful that the schwung does not go out. But this project has really gotten better. I have no objection to rethinking things. It takes a lot of stamina, but it pays off. ”

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