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Meer en Oever – 't Waterfort

Meer en Oever – 't Waterfort

Client Proper Stok , Delta Forte, City Companion
Architect KOW architecture
District New West
Contractor Dura Vermeer Construction
Project name Meer en Oever – 't Waterfort
Address President Allendelaan 101-363
number of residences 130

Meer en Oever – 't Waterfort: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

't Waterfort is a striking fort in the water of the Sloterplas. As with most fortresses, the silhouette of the building is the basis of recognition. The silhouette of this building is highlighted with white contour lines. These strong contour frames merge on the inside into a white frame of openwork surfaces. This creates a clear difference between the hard dark outside and the light structure of the inner area. A 25-meter-wide gate provides access to the apartment complex. One bridge leads from Ookmeerweg to the parking layer with lots of greenery and daylight coming in through grids. This layer is a container located on the water surface with a garden above it. A second bridge, for pedestrians, leads to the level of the inner courtyard, which is mainly made of wood. Decorative steel grilles form the tree-lined middle floor section.

Het Parool about 't Waterfort: Stand out in Osdorp and Geuzenveld

“Here you see a success story: this is the result when two parties at two locations combine their plans, so that a larger whole is created.” Striking in Osdorp and Geuzenveld Hennie van der Baan and Erik Gremmee. Gerard Anderiesen (54), chairman of the board of the Stadgenoot corporation, in which Het Oosten and the General Housing Association have merged, points to the three completely different buildings that mark a corner at the Sloterpark in Osdorp: the Bastion, the Schutterstoren (discussed here two weeks ago) and 't Waterfort. “The AWV owned a complex of social rental housing here that was being demolished. In addition, developer Proper Stok wanted to build on the site of a run-down former school. By working together we were able to turn it into something special. Even the roads have been diverted for that. ” The Bastion, intended for the social sector, was built first, so that the residents of the old porch houses could already move into their new home before their old one was demolished. The Schutterstoren was exclusively for buyers. Originally, the majority of the 130 apartments in 't Waterfort were to be let. “But when the sale started, the demand was so great that the ratio was reversed: 95 in sales, 35 in free rental,” says project manager Jan Kösters of contractor Dura Vermeer Bouw Amsterdam. Construction presented the necessary challenges. Architect Jacques van Paassen had designed large protruding concrete parts, but that would be a much too heavy construction. That is why we made it in polyester in consultation with the architect; you don't see the difference. ” As in most new buildings in Nieuw-West, about three-quarters of the residents in 't Waterfort come from the neighborhood itself. Hennie van der Baan (60) has lived in Osdorp since she was eighteen. “I wanted to stay here anyway, this is a very pleasant neighborhood. You have everything at hand here: shops, sports facilities, the Meervaart, a large park. Three tram lines take you wherever you want. ” “You live outside here, but you are also in the city center. At the same time, you are quickly out of town. Handy for Erik, because he works in IJmuiden. ” Together they have looked at a lot of new construction. Erik Gremmee (48): “We couldn't change the layout of the Pieter Calandlaan. The Schutterstoren has no outdoor space, and we absolutely wanted that. ” “We were drawn out of the draw for 't Waterfort,” adds Van der Baan, “but we kept harassing the broker on the phone. In the end, one candidate had dropped out and we were nevertheless eligible. ” They are proud of their 140 square meter home, for which they paid EUR 328,000, including parking space. “You have to pay double for that within the ring!”

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