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Meer en Oever – Schutterstoren

Meer en Oever – Schutterstoren

Client Clean Stick , City Companion
Architect DKV Architects
District New West
Project architect (s) Paul de Vroom, Jörn Schiemann, Otto Weyers
Contractor VBK
Project name Meer en Oever – Schutterstoren
Address Oeverpad 151-204
number of residences 54

Meer en Oever – Schutterstoren: winner of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

The residential tower on the Sloterplas is part of the Meer en Oever renovation plan by Kuiper Compagnons. The residential tower should be the accent of the neighborhood, the beacon. Because regulations prohibit the building from rising above its surroundings, it was decided not to emphasize its height, but its appearance. The image of a pure cylinder that rests on a narrow substructure via an overhang construction shows a relationship with the archetype of the water tower. The tower stands on a mound in which the parking spaces are hidden and is crowned with roof terraces that are surrounded by greenery. The round shape has programmatic advantages. The organization of the floor plans is clear and flexible. There is a small core with stairs and lifts, around it a corridor zone that provides access to the apartments, then a zone with pipe ducts and a service zone and around these spaces up to the facade only living space, which can be flexibly divided. This allows the size and number of rooms of the apartments to be entered per layer. The total number of houses in the tower is therefore variable.

Het Parool about Schutterstoren: Masters score again

An impossible assignment, according to Paul de Vroom (55) of the architectural firm DKV. The designers had to build a 'landmark' on the Sloterplas, but it could not exceed twelve floors plus a plinth. “We started to fantasize. Then we thought: then we will literally make the pivot of the entire project. ” It had to be a round metal tower, separate from the ground, so that the surrounding houses have a view of the Sloterpark. “It became a compact concrete core, and we hung the floors from it with steel constructions. That is very unusual, steel construction in residential construction. And it was very important that the building would be 'lifted'. If that didn't happen, it would stop for me. ” The quality of the steel constructor is then of great importance, according to De Vroom. And a deliberate choice was made for a non-residential building contractor, VBK from Hoorn. “Those people have much more experience with unusual solutions.” Ton Stam (47), the project leader of VBK, does not contradict this. “We use such a steel support structure more often in the construction of companies; that suits us. In Artis, for example, we applied this several times. Nevertheless, we have faced problems. If the floors could have been four inches higher, it would have been a lot easier. This unusual construction made the whole thing more expensive. ” Nel de Boer (48) and Ton van Onna (53) are also very pleased with the purchase price. They had to pay three tons for their quarter-round apartment of 135 square meters, plus another 30,000 euros for the closed parking lot, half underground hidden in the 'mound' on which the tower stands. For that money they not only have a lot of space that they could arrange themselves, but also a majestic view; their entire house overlooks Sloterplas and Sloterpark. “We also went purely for the shape,” says De Boer, “we didn't want a rectangular house at all. We didn't even go on holiday for a summer to be sure of a place in this building. There was a lot of interest. ” Van Onna: “We had been living in Osdorp for years, in a rental house. Many people who have bought into the tower come from Osdorp. ” The building has 54 apartments, differing in surface area and purchase price. It is beautiful, striking architecture, praises the jury that composed the top ten. “Large, and very affordable by Amsterdam standards.” And a great use of the view. Residents have also filled in the same words of praise on their survey forms. Downside; because of the many windows it quickly gets too hot, while no sun protection is possible.

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