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Kleine Rieteiland Lisdoddelaan

Kleine Rieteiland Lisdoddelaan

Client Sikken Vastgoed
Architect Borski Noordhoek Bleichrodt Architecture
District East
New construction location IJburg
Project architect (s) Dirk Jan van Wieringhen Borski, Martijn Bleichrodt
Contractor Dekker Krabbedam
Address Lisdoddelaan 18-36
number of residences 10

Kleine Rieteiland Lisdoddelaan: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

The ten lots were originally intended as self-build lots for private individuals. Although in the end no self-construction was made here, the idea was used as the starting point for the design. Initially, ten different spacious light patio homes were designed. The basis of each house was an eight-meter-wide hull. All houses were given a garden on the water on the south with a view of the Diemerpark. The facades, materials, surfaces and floor plans differed per home.

Het Parool About Kleine Rieteiland Lisdoddelaan: Old and new new construction

When Dirk Jan van Wieringhen Borski (40) talks enthusiastically about his home at Lisdoddelaan on Kleine Rieteiland (IJburg), it is in two ways. He is not only the resident, but (together with colleague Martijn Bleichrodt) also the architect. “We designed a house on a free lot across the street. Nothing happened on this side. So we wanted to know what was going on, ”explains Borski. “It was just the bad time for house sales after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The intention was that private individuals would be guided in building their own at this place. We were then asked to build homes on ten lots with developer Sikking Vastgoed. ” “It was a difficult process. It was not private, as was originally intended, but again not regular. The urban design had to remain intact, so each plot had to have an individual interpretation of its own home, but within strict preconditions. ” Borski drew a basic plan, but varied within it with different materials and volumes, up to 250 square meters. “I wanted to reach out to buyers.” The result exudes luxury. “Expensive? Ah, ”Borski puts into perspective. “I paid five hundred thousand euros, and for a house of 160 square meters on such a large piece of land, with an unobstructed view, on the water, in Amsterdam, it is not too bad.” His house was delivered shell for that price. It was all very complicated for the builder as well. “What initially appeared to be ten of the same houses, turned out to be ten completely different projects,” sighs Jan Brammer (53), the manager of contractor K. Dekker BV. “For example, five have a large cellar underneath. It was not easy to make these homes technically well-connected. But in the end there was not one problem that we could not resolve. Everyone's wishes have been fulfilled. ” “In terms of quality, this is also a very different product than serial construction,” adds Klaas-Jan Dekker (45), the director of the contracting company. “It all remains manual work. Each project is unique, which is a challenge for us as a contractor. ” The residents are very pleased with the collaboration with the builder and the architect, they indicate on the completed report forms. They call their neighborhood an oasis of peace and space, while with the IJtram they are so in the center. The jury who compiled the top ten was also impressed by the top location: on the water with its own jetty, unobstructed view of the Diemerpark. This is offset by the price tag.

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