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De Cuisinière, the Watergirl, the Young Mother and the Bouwmeester

De Cuisinière, the Watergirl, the Young Mother and the Bouwmeester

Client The Alliance Project Development
Architect Geusebroek Stefanova architectural firm
District South
Project name De Cuisinière, the Watergirl, the Young Mother and the Bouwmeester
Contractor Construction company JM Bailiff
Address Gerard Doustraat 145-151, 148-154, 208-212, Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat 130-132
number of residences 26 and business space

The Cuisinière, the Watergirl, the Young Mother and the Bouwmeester: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2008

These new-build locations are part of the 'De Hollandse Meesters' project, a contemporary interpretation of the architectural characteristics of the Dutch Renaissance, consisting of four new-build projects and a renovation project. The new buildings fit into the street scene of the Pijp with remarkable ease. The projects bear the name of a painting made by the painter of the street. They are new interpretations within closed building blocks that are connected two by two by an underground parking garage and a (partly) communal courtyard.

Het Parool: Masters score again

This will be a review exercise. The Cuisinière, the Watergirl, the Young Mother and the Bouwmeester, four tufts of new construction on the Gerard Doustraat and the Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat belong to the same project as the Weerbare Man on the Govert Flinckstraat, which was also among the top ten of the New Construction Prize last year. had penetrated – delivered just a little earlier, hence. All these new buildings, three or four buildings between the existing houses, are part of the Dutch Masters project, all named after works by the painters who lent their names to these streets in the Pijp. The architects, Peter Geusebroek and Svetla Stefanova, wanted to design a new building that fits effortlessly into the existing street scene, without making frumpy copies of the old facades. “That facade image has become our signature,” says Stefanova (38). “We take a close look at the characteristics of the urban development environment, the experience of the perspective in the narrow street.” A special feature of all these houses is the wooden door, designed differently for each group of houses by Piet-Hein Eek. The blocks also all have a spacious indoor bicycle shed. In some blocks it was also possible to build a parking garage underneath. Stefanova: “We drew up one basic plan for all houses with a fixed core, around which everything can be arranged freely. This gives the resident the option of furnishing his home as a loft, but also as a four-room home. We also offered the buyers a book with the variants. ” Manon van Veenendaal and Jobbe Jorna (both 29) live in an apartment of 75 square meters, for which they had to pay 232,500 euros. “The drawing already showed how beautiful this architectural style would be,” Van Veenendaal recalls. “It has been well thought out and beautiful materials have been used.” The jury is also very pleased. “It is beautifully built into the existing row of façades,” says Jacobine Ritsema. And the price-quality ratio is exemplary. The jury cites the narrow staircase and the limited storage space as negatives. The residents also criticize the steel stairs in their assessment, which they find too noisy. Building in the narrow streets in De Pijp was no easy task, says director Martin Deurwaarder of the construction company of the same name. “So many streets have already been closed off due to the construction of the North / South line, and the emergency services had to keep a smooth passage.” “We were also faced with all kinds of extra costs because we had to apply for many more permits than we had budgeted. We had to pay for every plate we put. We underestimated that. Yet we delivered everything within the estimated time. ”

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