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The Pilots

The Pilots

District East
Client The Pilots
Architect Köther, Salman and Koedijk Architecten , HVDN Architecten , Wingender Hovenier Architecten
Project name The Pilots
Contractor BAM , Moes Bouwcombinatie

De Loodsen: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2007

The De Loodsen project comprises living and working space realized in various building volumes. It was designed by three architectural firms, one of which, Köther and Salman architekten, was also responsible for the urban development plan. The complex consists of a compact series of towers 35 meters high with relatively narrow passages in between. The homes of Köther and Salman architects are designed with a certain overcapacity. A striking type in Wagon 1 is the X house, a corridor type over two layers with views over both the water and the city. Towers 3 and 5, and Wagon 2 were developed by HVDN. Each of these blocks is designed in one color and with its own window rhythm. The facades are neutral: the functions behind cannot be read from the continuous window openings. This flexible ratio has already proved its worth during the development period: the program was drastically changed at a late stage without affecting the facade. Towers 1 and 6 by Wingender Hovenier Architecten form the corners of the De Loodsen compartment on the city side. They differ from each other in their position, volume and rhythm of the facade openings. In contrast, they are linked in their tectonic expression by the horizontal concrete bands and the plastic elaboration of the masonry. All floors have a freely divisible shell. Programmatic differences between office, outdoor and living space are also not visible in the facade of these blocks.

Het Parool over De Loodsen: The only blocks along Piet Heinkade with balconies

De Loodsen are by far the largest residential complex in the top ten of the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. Six sturdy towers between Piet Heinkade and Veemkade in Zeeburg house 317 homes, in all categories. Two towers contain a total of 85 homes for social housing, one tower is reserved for rental apartments in the free sector, and the rest is for owner-occupied apartments. There are commercial spaces on the ground floors. The overall picture was designed by the architects Pim Köther and Ton Salman, while the offices HVDN and Wingender Hovenier also took care of a few towers. “An English magazine has already proclaimed this 'the new Dutch brick architecture',” says Emile Spek (46), project development director at Ymere, proudly. He led the creation of De Loodsen with director Willem Meuwese (58) of Hopman Interheem. “Such large investments are becoming increasingly difficult,” warns Meuwese. “A complex with 317 homes, that cannot fail. Even though the market was bad at first, we still started building. Only when the parking garages were ready and you could see what was coming, did we start selling. ” That immediately worked well. According to Spek, this is also because the developers have not made any concessions to the quality of the living environment. “We forced the buildings to have balconies,” says Meuwese as an example. “The architects did not want that. But now these are the only new residential blocks along the Piet Heinkade with balconies. ” “And it was a challenge to properly set up the ground level in such a place,” adds Spek. “You have to feel comfortable in that space where you walk between tall buildings. We achieved that by means of large boulders and a light artwork in the floor of the inner courtyard. ” The social rent starts at 477 euros, the free rent varies from 750 to fourteen hundred euros per month. The purchase prices of the apartments, depending on the size, were between 168,000 and 670,000 euros. Ertan Kucuk (35) and Suus Segers (34) bought an apartment of one hundred square meters for 300,000 euros, plus 35,000 euros for the parking garage. “That was actually quite a coincidence,” says Kucuk. “We had no intention of moving at all. There was nothing wrong with our house on the Kattenburgervaart. ” “I regularly cycled past this construction site and suddenly I saw the view you have of the water. Then I thought: I want to live here! The only downside is that it has become such a large-scale project. But it is good that we did this. ” Most residents share that feeling, given the average score of more than 8. Although it must be said that the social tenants gave no higher than 6.5, and the other residents were closer to 9. In general, they cited the light, the view, the space and the urban appearance as advantages of their home. 'The atmosphere, the history, really a new piece of Amsterdam.' The jury that compiled the top ten was also very pleased with De Loodsen. “This is a good place to live,” said Angela Desmet, “very innovative.” “And at the same time historicizing,” said René Berbee. Inside, the jury found the homes to be very light and well laid out.

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