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Rieteiland West Block 3a

Rieteiland West Block 3a

District East
New construction location IJburg
Client Water city 3
Architect Thijs Asselbergs Architecture Center
Project name Rieteiland West Block 3a
Contractor BK Construction

Rieteiland West Blok 3a: second place at the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2007

At the extreme point of Grote Rieteiland, a cluster of three autonomous residential blocks has been designed under the supervision of Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs. According to the urban development plan, three robust residential blocks with collective interior spaces, designed by different architects, were to be built here. The autonomy of the blocks has been enhanced by lifting them slightly relative to ground level. The building blocks are the same in general form, but differ in color, use of materials and detailing. The Architectuurcentrale has designed Block 3a with 43 owner-occupied homes in three floors on a semi-sunken parking garage. All houses are accessed via the central courtyard and have both a private garden at this court and a roof terrace. The living rooms on the outer sides of the block have an extra high storey height and large glass fronts. Different beech sizes provide variation in the housing types. The outer walls are characterized by dark raw brick, large glass fronts and enamelled glass. In a horizontal direction, the floors are interrupted by steel UNP profiles that reinforce the stratification of the block. The inner facades are made of sand-yellow stone and wooden window frames in gray tone. The precise detailing and the abundance of glass make the block shine like a pearl in this prominent place.

Het Parool about Rieteiland West Blok 3a: Living around a kind of French village square

IJburg – understandably – has a heavy stamp on the list of candidates for the New Construction Prize. Yet most residents there are less satisfied than those in other Amsterdam new-build projects. Fourteen residential blocks on IJburg donated, which were completed in 2006. Of these, only four made it to the twenty with the highest appreciation of the residents. Eight scored below the average score of 7.5. And the jury that put together the top ten only allowed two of the four toppers to pass. Today we look at Rieteiland West Blok 3a – yes, they are prosaic names, there on IJburg. As soon as you drive from Steigereiland onto Haveneiland, you can already see them over the water: three low residential blocks built in large squares. The plan is by architect Thijs Asselbergs (50), who also designed the first square. “It had already been stipulated in the urban development plan that the squares with courtyards had to be,” says Asselbergs. “Within those conditions, you have to make a chocolate box out of it yourself. The outside is sturdy and sleek, the inside a lot softer. ” He had to cut back on a number of ideas from client Waterstad 3, one of the large consortia that are developing IJburg. In Waterstad 3, the corporations Ymere and De Alliantie, AM Wonen, Bouwfonds Development and Volker Wessels Vastgoed are participating. “Then it is important to try to apply a lot of quality for less money,” explains Asselbergs. “Air, light and space, that's what living architecture is all about.” The jury found that Asselbergs succeeded in this. “It's like the building is being lifted and floating in space,” said Pablo Herrera. René Berbee thought it was a 'typical architectural project', but with its inner courtyard it was beautiful. Asselbergs says he is always nervous when he rings the doorbell of a resident of 'his' house: “Someone else lives and lives in what you have come up with.” But he has little to fear with Jacqueline Brouwer (48) and Philip Monas (49). They paid EUR 345,500 for their three-storey house with a total of 135 square meters. This includes a space in the parking basement. And lots of outdoor space. “We can sit outside down here,” says Brouwer. “The children can also play protected there, because there are no cars here. But if we want to sit quietly, we also have a large terrace on the second floor. ” The courtyard is the meeting place for the residents of the 33 houses. “Ideal for the jeu de boules competition,” says Monas. “Exactly what Asselbergs wanted: a kind of French village square.” Brouwer and Monas first lived in the Vierwindenhuis on Wittenburg, but looked for a place where they and neighbors could buy two houses next to each other. “It is very nice to live here,” says Monas. “You are at the Diemerpark in no time and there are no cars; our street is a dead end. ” The other residents fully agree, given the report mark of nine. They praise the high living space and the intimate inner garden.

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