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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
IJdock Building 2

IJdock Building 2

Architect Zeinstra van Gelderen architects
Client asr real estate development
Builder Hurks Construction
Project name IJdock Building 2
District Centre
Address IJdok 37-157

IJdock Building 2: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2014

The apartments in the IJdock complex always have two sides: an open side on the water and a private side on the inner street. On the waterfront, seven-meter-wide folding doors give the living spaces located here maximum contact with the IJ: not only a view, but also wind, noise and smell. On the inner street, the facade is a sum of balconies, doors and shutters, inspired by the facades of Indian residential buildings with their abundance of bay windows and balconies. The shutters can be rotated in different positions to regulate views, privacy and sunlight. With the exception of the facade on the IJ, the entire building is made of a light green engobe brick with a mother-of-pearl-like material added to the engobe, so that the stone gets a golden shine in the sun.

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