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The Klaverblad

The Klaverblad

Client Janssen de Jong Project development
Architect BBHD Architects
Builder Janssen de Jong Construction
Project name The Klaverblad
District Southeast
number of residences 30

Het Klaverblad: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

Sustainability is central to the design of the Klaverblad. This can be seen, for example, in the solar panels, but also in the water-saving taps and solar-powered systems for the showers. The idea of this project is to create a safe and child-friendly environment for the neighborhood. The school that is located there has an important social function as a meeting place for the environment. After school, courses, neighborhood and sports activities are organized.

Het Parool about Het Klaverblad: Affordable living close to a school

Hidden behind the renovated remainder of the Bijlmerflat Daalwijk, a special project has arisen amidst the greenery: Het Klaverblad. A primary school with twenty classes, an after-school care facility, and a gymnasium and auditorium that can also be used by the neighborhood. Next to it and above it: thirty owner-occupied apartments. For example, it was conceived by the Zuidoost district and the Special Wise Foundation, and they thought the design by Janssen de Jong Project Development and architect Ronald van Hek was the best. “We won because of our durability and functionality,” says developer Emiel van Riel. Much effort has been made to save energy: the roof has solar panels and the roofs are covered with sedum. 'My task was mainly to create good, spacious homes for an affordable price,' says Van Hek. 'That didn't mean doing crazy things. Do not draw complicated floor plans, so that you get as many square meters with quality as possible. ' Van Riel: 'We wanted to build apartments on this spot that should not become too big and, above all, not too expensive. They had to be easy to finance, especially for young people. ' And it worked. The developer had to stick his neck out for this project. Because the school and the houses had to be completed at a set time, construction had to start while not a single house had been sold yet. But almost all of them found a buyer during construction. Ida van der Ploeg (32) now has a 75-square-meter house with a balcony for 185,000 euros, including purchased ground lease. She rented on IJburg with her boyfriend, but they thought it was too expensive and too big for the two of them. 'Moreover, I found IJburg further away, if only intuitively. Here you have very good public transport connections. I also work in the AMC. I often cycled past here and saw the sign for these houses. ' She hesitated for a moment about living at a school. 'But we both work during the day and when we get home, we notice that it is quite pleasant, that noise from school children. Yes, we are very pleased with this. We have sufficient floor space, and it is a super nice building. ' The other residents think so too. They give a high mark for the layout, the high windows and the design. They think the combination with a primary school is a great concept and the spacious greenery in front of the door is a plus. They only find the access to the bicycle shed very inconvenient, and there are too few parking spaces in front of the door. The jury is also very pleased with these homes, and especially with the purchase prices. They are less satisfied with the exterior, but that is more than made up for by the high degree of durability.

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