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The Bongerd

The Bongerd

Client Development consortium De Bongerd
Architect HM Architects
Builder BAM Residential Building
Project name The Bongerd
District North
New construction location The Bongerd
number of residences 66

De Bongerd: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

“Garden village of the 21st century” is a starting point for urban planners when designing the plans for De Bongerd in Noord. In this way a balance was sought between collectivity and individuality. The De Bongerd project concerns 66 single-family homes that are optimally oriented towards greenery, light and space. The design was inspired by the authentic architectural style of the 1930s. Characteristic for this are roofs with a sloping surface on all sides and traditional gutters. Naturally, this project has been built with the latest techniques, which make it possible to realize a sustainable home.

Het Parool about De Bongerd: Room for jokes and fun

For the first time in the seven years that the Amsterdam New Construction Prize has existed, Noord is prominently represented. No fewer than three projects will compete for the prize. Compared to De Zeven Provinciën, the luxury residential building on the IJ, the two other candidates are much more 'typically North': streets with low-rise houses, greenery and water around them, the classic garden village, but in its 21st century. De Bongerd is an extensive new-build area along Zijkanaal 1, close to the NDSM site. Twelve years ago, the Development Combination De Bongerd was set up for this purpose, in which the construction company Van der Leij, the development company AM, the Eigen Haard housing association and the Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten participate. The rather experimental first phase of the project, apparently randomly scattered residential blocks, did not suffice in practice. A completely new design was made for the following phases, which reverted to the design of a garden village that is so characteristic of Noord. 'Our primary aim was to build for Amsterdammers who wanted to stay in the city,' says Barend Olde Rikkert, the director of De Bongerd Development Combination. That is why seventy percent of the homes are for sale and thirty percent social rent. Abida Bagga (33) and Abdelkrim Bennyiat (40) live in one of those rental properties with daughter Nihad of eleven, son Ouassim of seven and daughter Hoyam of ten months. 'We are very happy with this house,' says Bagga, although she did not want to go to Noord at first. She liked it in Westerpark, but their house there became too small. Now they have a single-family home of over a hundred square meters, with three bedrooms and an attic, for seven hundred euros a month, including service costs. An owner-occupied home in the same neighborhood cost 365,000 euros for 150 square meters. Bagga: 'The combination of social rental housing and owner-occupied housing makes the neighborhood more fun. And everyone has a nice house, the tenants and the buyers. ' Olde Rikkert: 'That is exactly our intention. You should not be able to tell from the house whether it is for sale or social rent. ' Will Weerkamp of HM Architecten had a difficult assignment: due to the crisis, he had to design affordable standard homes. 'Still, I was given a lot of room for my own jokes and fun. The rows are all different and I was able to make the end houses very special, with low continuous roof covering. ' The jury found this neighborhood an example of what more should be built in Amsterdam. The houses are much more spacious than the jury members had expected, conveniently arranged, even with a spacious garden and large attic. And by the NDSM ferry close to the city center. These are exactly the plus points that the residents mention, buying and renting: beautiful, spacious homes with lots of light, and very affordable by Amsterdam standards. Yet also a downside: the lack of shops in the area.

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