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Samos (The Twins)

Samos (The Twins)

Client Heddes Building & Development
Architect 24H architecture
Builder Heddes Building & Development
Project name Samos (The Twins)
District East
New construction location Science Park
number of residences 87

Samos (De Tweeling): nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

Samos, also known as the Twins, consists of two towers that overlook the Science Park on one side and Watergraafsmeer on the other. The complex has 17 floors and a total of 87 homes have been built. The facade consists of a fine pattern of natural slate and windows, the color runs from brown at the bottom to gray at the top of the tower. In this way, the towers seem to rise in the sky. The frames and facade are made of accoya wood. The windows are made as large as possible to optimize the incidence of light. Natural materials were the inspiration for this concept, giving the building a high cuddly factor and its own character.

Het Parool over Samos (De Tweeling): Noise screen as a flavor enhancer

From afar, the striking residential building of Samos – understandably quickly called De Tweeling or Twin Towers – has been a beacon at the entrance to Science Park, the science center in East between Flevopark, ring A10 and railway embankment. The residents have a wide view of all those stranded Fyras on the Watergraafsmeer shunting yard. This partly determines the special shape of this pair of residential towers, which suddenly bloom from the fifth floor. The marshalling yard imposed extremely strict requirements for sound insulation, which is why a second facade of rust-colored slate has been hung around the concrete tower. 'For example, the mandatory noise barrier has become the decoration,' says architect Maartje Lammers (50) of 24H-architecture proudly. 'We wanted to see whether you could make high-rise buildings with a natural product; we had to test the slates for storm resistance. Behind the windows are openings in the slate facade with glass slats. Floors and ceilings always continue between the house wall and the outer wall, so that people can annex that space. I notice that herbs and tomatoes are now being grown. In this way a handicap becomes a taste maker. ' The two towers with a parking garage in between were built in the dike body of the Ringvaart. 'That is technically very exciting,' explains Niels Doodeman (44), the director of Heddes Building and Development. 'You are not allowed to dig deep, so this building has a three-dimensional foundation.' The parking basement sunk into the dike is nicely hidden from view because a row of three-storey houses has been built against it. In addition, almost a hundred cars are stowed away in three layers computer-controlled. With such a garage space, Leendert van Baaren (51) paid 335,000 euros, including bought-off ground lease, for 116 square meters on the top floor. 'I looked in this corner of the city,' says Van Baaren, 'because my old building further along the Ringdijk was too small and too old. And I absolutely wanted a balcony and as high as possible; here I have both. Awesome.' The other residents (there are 87 homes) are also very pleased with the layout of their house and the appearance of their residential building. They do have a lot to grumble about the finish, which suffered from the interim bankruptcy of the contractor. At first the five jury members were not very enthusiastic about the outside; the rusty brown slates with wooden slats. “As if it is not finished yet,” they thought. But once inside, their judgment changed: beautiful homes with a magnificent view, for a very favorable price.

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