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Piri Reïs

Piri Reïs

Client City mate
Architect Breitman – Breitman
Builder Kondor Wessels
Project name Piri Reïs
District West
number of residences 111

Piri Reïs: second place at the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

The Piri Reïs complex is located on Kostverlorenvaart in Amsterdam West and is divided into owner-occupied and rental apartments. In the design, the architects are inspired by the Ottoman architectural style from the fifteenth century, in keeping with the Westermoskee that may be added. Much attention has also been paid to the facades and the masonry in order to ensure that the building fits in as closely as possible with the surrounding buildings in the Amsterdam School style. Space is being created on the ground floor for offices and shops. Underground parking is available for permit holders.

Het Parool about Piri Reïs: Mixed neighborhood, beautiful architecture

Headache file, that's how the Haarlemmerplein was described last week. Well, today's candidate certainly is. The former Rivaterrein, between Baarsjesweg and Witte de Withstraat, was the scene of a legal battle with many losers for decades. It started when the polluted industrial site was hijacked in front of the municipality by a Turkish organization that wanted to build a mosque there. The municipality did everything it could to counteract this, until the then housing corporation Het Oosten broke the deadlock. The result was a daring experiment: the Turkish owner sold the land to the municipality and would build a liberal mosque with Het Oosten, which built a block of houses around it. As the architect for mosque and homes, the corporation chose the Jewish Frenchman Marc Breitman, renowned for his classic, historicizing designs. It all looked beautiful in the drawings, but then there was one delay after another. At first the neighborhood was obstructive. Only after all kinds of adjustments – the minaret had to be lowered a lot – was there a definitive design in 2006. But then a coup took place within the mosque administration, which prompted Het Oosten to stop the project. In 2011, the judge ruled that the corporation regained all control over the project, and the Turkish organization the money. When Het Oosten was absorbed into the new housing corporation Stadgenoot, it decided to bury the hatchet. In the meantime, the construction of the Westermoskee has started, according to Breitman's (slightly simplified) design. Hans Rietdijk (57), project manager at Stadgenoot, takes a deep breath. “I've never experienced anything like it. As a corporation you always have to keep working with special connections in the neighborhood, but times have changed. We would now do something like this much less complicated and much less expensive. ” The construction of the Piri Reïs complex (named after an Ottoman navigator and mapmaker) with 111 houses had already started. Ultimately 75 were sold; the rest is rent, five of which are in the social sector. An 85 square meter owner-occupied home cost 316,000 euros (with leasehold bought off); a garage space 36,000 euros. A similar rental home comes to 850 euros per month. The residents are very satisfied; their house is nice and light and well laid out and the architecture is very popular. The Kostverlorenvaart in front of the door, the Kinkerstraat and the Ten Kate market nearby and the mixed neighborhood as a whole, they also find very pleasant. Although a number of residents say it is a pity that the mosque is still in front of them. This is no problem for Linda van Beek (58): “I think it's special, a residential block plus a mosque. That belongs in this neighborhood. And that mosque will also look beautiful, just like this building finished with an eye for detail. ” Van Beek came from the Beemster, but wanted to return to the area where she grew up. “This is exactly what I was looking for: by the water, and life-course proof, without stairs.” The jury agreed: this is an impressive project that fits beautifully into the neighborhood.

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