Nieuwbouwprijs Amsterdam

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  • Amsterdam Woont
  • AT5
  • Bouwend Nederland
  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client MAB Development
Architect Studioninedots
Builder Smit's Bouwbedrijf BV
Project name Oosterdokseiland
District Centre
New construction location Oosterdokseiland
number of residences 28

Oosterdokseiland: third place at the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

Oosterdokseiland is located to the east of Central Station and has a mix of functions: there are residences, offices, shops, a hotel, a conservatory and the public library and catering establishments. EEA Architects' urban development plan assumes a high density within the six blocks. For variety, narrow alleys and courtyards have been built in. At the center of all this is the Studioninedots building. Shops have established themselves in the lower layers and above that space has been made for luxury apartments with a beautiful view over the city center.

Het Parool about Oosterdokseiland: The view is phenomenal

It was a blind spot next to Central Station, where the concrete colossi of the post stood. Now Amsterdam has been enriched with a vibrant part of the city, where on that relatively small Oosterdokseiland a large hotel, various coffee shops, a star restaurant, the Central Library, the conservatory, an electronics store and offices fight for attention. People still live there – and how. 'It was the joint ambition of the municipality and us to turn this last piece of building land in the city center into a real city,' says Anne-Lize Hoftijzer (46) of Bouwfonds MAB, the project director of ODE (Oosterdokseiland). 'That means: a high density of buildings, with many different functions on a small piece of land. That was a very complicated process, because in addition to the shops and offices, we had to take the privacy of the homes carefully into account. ' The nominated block is relatively small, 28 houses, and is, as it were, glued to a large office building on the waterfront. It was designed by the office of Albert Herder and Arie van der Neut, which was then called HVDN Architecten and now Studioninedots. “This was the smallest lot and we also had to split it in half,” says Herder, 52. 'The side walls also slope away. We have opted for many different apartments, from 64 square meters to over two hundred, all of which have a view of the water. ' Herder had to work closely with the architects of the other buildings on Oosterdokseiland. 'We wanted a very nice harmony of designs, a series of buildings that fit together well. They also all retreat to the top floor in the same way. ' The five jury members who determined the nominations were lyrical about this building, especially the view over the water of the Oosterdok and the city. The exterior did not immediately appeal to a single jury member, but others noticed the special brick. 'Yes,' says Herder proudly, 'baked especially for us. Long thin bricks in a vibrant color; more beautiful than natural stone. ' The beautiful facade, the location and the view are also the most important advantages that the residents list. Their only downside: they have to go a long way for the regular groceries. On the fifth floor, Reg van Steen (56) points out the landmarks in the city center that he all overlooks. He and his wife lived in Den Bosch because of different workplaces, but once the children had left home they decided to settle in Amsterdam. However, as close as possible to the Central Station, because of traveling. There they are now on 135 square meters for about 500,000 euros (without bought-off leasehold); a garage space cost another 58,000 euros. 'This building has a very high quality finish,' says Van Steen. 'You don't hear any noise from outside and the houses are heated and cooled geothermally.' 'That gives very pleasant warmth, you don't have that dry air from air conditioning and there are no radiators anywhere. This has been well thought out. '

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