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  • AT5
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  • Gemeente Amsterdam


Client Heijmans Real Estate
Architect Dick van Gameren Architects
Builder Heijmans
Project name Haarlemmerplein
District Centre
number of residences 69

Haarlemmerplein: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

The Haarlemmerhouttuinen are located on the north side of the Haarlemmerplein. The new building plan is based on the original seventeenth-century subdivision of the block into narrow, long lots on the square. Shallow lots on the west side of the block are located at right angles to it. In this way, a compact building block was realized in which the building walls that separate the houses from each other follow the plot pattern. A courtyard on the square wall forms the entrance for the apartments. Straight through the courtyard and the entrance hall is a view of the entrance to the parking garage. The square and the Haarlemmerhouttuinen are thus visually connected.

Het Parool about Haarlemmerplein: Spacious, bright homes in the city center

The Haarlemmerplein was the headache of the city. In the course of about thirty years, one (too) ambitious plan after another passed, there was even a cinema. In the meantime, the square increasingly fell into a desolate space. Ten years ago, the definitive building plan for a block of houses was finally laid. Dick van Gameren (50) was recruited as an architect; at the time he still had his own office, but now he is a partner of Mecanoo Architecten. 'I have followed exactly the line of the historic buildings on this square,' he says. 'It had been demolished fifty years ago for a main traffic route that never came to be. The building block is thirty meters deep, but because I made three courtyards in it, most of the houses have a view of the square. ' Nice plan, all permits were in place, the construction of the parking basement with two hundred places had already started. Then one local resident found an omission in the zoning plan and construction had to be halted for 2.5 years. 'Terrible,' says Ron Blomaard, development manager at Heijmans Vastgoed. 'That was not fun for us, but neither for the neighborhood nor for the municipality. It was quite exciting, but in the end we took the longest straw. ' The result was that the sale of the homes meanwhile fell in the middle of the crisis. The block contains 47 owner-occupied homes, varying from three to five tons, all of which have been sold, and 22 so-called wibo homes, social rental homes for the elderly with extra wide doors and corridors and without thresholds. Marieke van der Zeijden (70) lives in such an apartment of the De Key housing corporation. She pays seven hundred euros per month, including service costs, for seventy square meters. She had been registered for years because she could no longer continue to live on her houseboat and to her great surprise she was assigned a house here. Her house has a view of the railway, so the noise pollution required special provisions on that facade. The disadvantage is that the large windows cannot be opened, but you do not hear anything from the train traffic. 'The houses all have different floor plans, but they are designed very usable,' says Van der Zeijden, interior architect. 'I even find the social housing more pleasant than the owner-occupied housing. It is great that a building has been erected at this location in the city center for both buyers and social tenants. ' The other residents feel the same way. They especially praise the spacious, bright apartments, the design of their building and the location, so close to the Westerpark and the Haarlemmerdijk. The jury members also think the new residential block is beautiful. 'And it is very good that older people can also continue to live in the city center.' For the neighborhood, Blomaard is happy that the building is finally there. 'First they had to look at a construction pit for years and then all the nuisance from the construction came. We therefore supplied material as much as possible early in the morning and in the evening. They had to be patient for years, but now the neighborhood has regained a beautiful square. '

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