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De Banne – Marjoleinterrein

De Banne – Marjoleinterrein

Client Own fireplace
Architect Marge Architects
Builder Bouwdam Volendam
Project name De Banne – Marjoleinterrein
District North
number of residences 45

De Banne – Marjoleinterrein: nominated for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize 2013

De Banne has 45 single-family homes around Marjoleinstraat. Characteristic for the style of some of these houses are sloping tiled roofs and front gardens with hedges. The architecture is based on that of the garden village located further on. Between Kamperfoelieweg and Marjoleinstraat there are 8 semi-detached houses with a different color, shape and a flat roof. They are partly located in the slope of the Kamperfoelieweg. On the side of this through, busy road, they have a deaf facade to absorb the noise nuisance. From the entrance on Marjoleinstraat, the house and side garden are located half a floor higher, halfway up the slope.

Het Parool about De Banne – Marjoleinterrein: Beautiful and spacious, in the tranquility and greenery

The rise of Noord appears to be not only due to the hip developments along the IJ. Elsewhere in this district too, residential areas of exceptional quality are emerging, so that Noord is competing for the first time with three projects for the Amsterdam New Construction Prize. The Marjoleinterrein in the larger urban renewal area De Banne is also an example of careful new construction of high quality and a modest price. Just like in the Bongerd, discussed here on September 24, a typical Northern garden village has been built, but in accordance with today's wishes. The Marjoleinterrein used to be a caravan camp, between the Kamperfoelieweg and the Buiksloterdijk. It was still difficult to build a neighborhood there without it becoming too expensive. Architect Louis Aussen (57) came up with sixteen owner-occupied and 21 social rental homes in four rows, plus eight semi-detached houses in the dike of Kamperfoelieweg. 'We wanted to make it aesthetically and technically good,' says Albert Koning (62), director of Bouwdam Volendam. “For example, all sheds are double-walled, so no water can penetrate there.” Klaas Fongers (64), project developer at the Eigen Haard housing corporation: 'Aussen also designed all the boundary partitions, so that there was no mishmash. The semi-detached hairdressers cost 335,000 euros for 120 square meters and a spacious garden. The social rental homes, of 92 to 112 square meters with a garden, cost around seven hundred euros per month, including service costs. Mustafa Boz (42) lives in one of those houses and immediately set up the Marjolein Foundation with neighbors to get more play opportunities. They all moved here because their previous house became too small; the social rental homes are also only available for families with at least three children. “But there is no good leeway,” says Boz. “One swing, one slide and a sandbox for so many children.” There is great togetherness, says Boz. 'Rent and purchase go very well together, the children all play together.' The houses are also great: beautifully spacious and in a green, quiet environment. The space, good layout, beautiful architecture and fun, child-friendly environment are also mentioned by the other residents as the important advantages of living on the Marjoleinterrein. The jury members immediately agreed on this project: beautifully executed and an exemplary combination of purchase and social housing.

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